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From Ancient Greece to 'Tiger King': The Hilarious History of the Mullet

Ah, the mullet. From ancient Greek spearmen to Joe Exotic, America's most notorious big cat owner, the mullet seems destined to stick around and around and around, forever.

Corduroy: The Vintage Fabric That Always Makes a Comeback

It's had a bumpy history over the past 100 years, going in and out fashion. But some folks never tire of its warmth.

Wool Surf Trunks and Wet Suits? You Bet!

It's time to rethink everything you know about wearing wool. It's not just for warm clothes anymore. It's also ideal for swimwear.

10 Iconic Fashion Pieces Named for People or Places

From the itty-bitty bikini to that must-have Hermès Birkin bag, these fashion favorites have names that are as iconic as the people and places that inspired them.

Underwear You Can Wear 'for Weeks' Without Washing

It probably won't surprise you to learn this product was developed by four guys in their 20s.

Great-great-Grandma's Swimsuit Was a Hot Mess

Fashion's most controversial garment has undergone a most fortunate evolution.

Clean Out Your Makeup, Like Right Now!

When was the last time you refreshed your cosmetics bag? If it wasn't in the last few months, chances are some of that stuff has gone bad.

Why Don't Bras Have Pockets?

Men's garments are made with deep, plentiful pockets, while women are forced to stash their keys in their bra. What's wrong with this picture?

Awesome Hair Takes Over Atlanta at Bronner Bros. Hair Show

The biggest and brightest in the world of hair and beauty got their stab at the spotlight as the Bronner Brothers hosted their bi-annual hair and beauty show in Atlanta.

Pantone Says the Future Is Purple

Pantone has been influencing our color choices for decades — and its color of the year is just part of that philosophy.

The Ridiculous Reason Most Women's Clothes Don't Have Real Pockets

As Alanis Morissette might have said, we've got one hand in our pocket — and the other is digging into our purse. Why does women's clothing often lack pockets that can hold anything?

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes Ever

The enormous blue diamond is famed for its size and its tendency to bring bad luck. But its tragic history has been overblown, thanks to a few embellished stories.

Why Some Shirts Always Ride Up

You buy the right size but your shirt still bunches up. What gives?

5 Things You Didn't Know About Blue Jeans

Denim pants have gone from mining camps and ranches to the White House. How did they get so popular and why are sales shrinking now?

What Happens to Red Carpet Dresses After Celebrities Wear Them?

After the celebrity struts down the red carpet in her borrowed designer gown, must she return it? And what does the designer do with it?

What's a Tall Fashionista to Do?

Finding clothes that fit when you're a tall woman is a hassle — but it's better than it used to be.

Barbers Across the Globe Are Using Fire to Style Hair

From Pakistan to Palestine and from Ipanema to Illinois, what's up with barbers applying open flames to their clients' coiffures?

How Shapewear Works

Squeezing into a tight pair of Spanx can make you look better, if not feel better. But where did all your extra disappear to temporarily?

Clothing Industry's Narrow Focus Sidelines People With Disabilities

A new survey says many disabled people don't attend events because they can't find appropriate clothing. But some companies are working to change that.

Why Is the Speedo Disappearing From European Beaches?

The brief-style swimsuit has never caught on in puritanical America like around the world. But as baggy shorts become more popular, is this body image, or just fashion?

Alexander McQueen's Skin to Live Again — in Synthetic Leather

Which kind of makes you wonder: What's stopping someone from taking your cells, growing your flesh and doing anything they please with it?

Ridiculous History: Nike's Very First Shoes Were Made With a Waffle Iron

The running shoe that put Nike on the map was designed over the breakfast table, and a relic of its genesis was unearthed after years in a trash pit.

The Creator of the Beehive Hairdo Has Died

Margaret Vinci Heldt, who inspired Amy Winehouse, Marge Simpson, the B-52's, the Ronettes and more, was 98.

How Long Should You Really Go Without Washing Your Jeans?

Is it that important? What about just putting them in the freezer? That's a thing, right? This BrainStuff video looks into the science and dispels some myths.

'I Would Never Say That I Model as a Man': Androgynous Models Clear the Air

Gender-bending clothing seems like a challenge to gender norms. Gender-bending models seem like a challenge to gender. Ready to meet a few?