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You better measure it before you put a ring on it. At least that's what Beyoncé said, and she got herself an 18-carat stunner.

By Sharise Cunningham

The enormous blue diamond is famed for its size and its tendency to bring bad luck. But its tragic history has been overblown, thanks to a few embellished stories.

By Kate Kershner

Don't blow your budget on a new summer wardrobe. Instead, try these five summer accessories to freshen up your look for less.

By Bambi Turner


Summer's almost here guys. Is your wardrobe ready? We'll tell you the five accessories you simply must have.

By Terri Briseno

Big glasses, whether or not you need them, are 'in', but they needn't be bought new. Learn more about finding big glasses at the thrift store.

By Elizabeth Seward

When your outfit feels "blah," and there's no time to start from scratch, you need handy, reliable accessories. These five knockouts will have you looking gussied up in no time.

By Julia Layton

Do the green thing: invest in a cheap tool that'll help you mend your necklaces.

By Elizabeth Seward


Even if you're packing light, there are still some vacation accessories you won't want to leave home without. Grab your sunhat, sarong, sunglasses … and what else?

By Debra Ronca

Remember how excited we were for fall? Wool, tweed, studded leather hobos? That's how we feel about spring 2011 -- all its silk, snake and waist-defining belts with feminine-meets-sporty twists and edgy turns. What are five must haves?

By Julia Layton

Holiday wardrobes can be tricky. On the one hand, it's nice to look as festive as you feel; on the other, it's easy to go overboard with the sleigh bells and plaid. What are five accessories that can take your holiday look up a notch?

By Julia Layton

Autumn rolls around and fashion fanatics get all starry-eyed: leather, wool, silk, tweed and cashmere in layers of effortless style. But before you blow your seasonal budget, make sure you know which brisk fall pieces will carry your through the long, cold winter.

By Julia Layton


What can you do when you want to look chic but don't have the time or the budget to buy a completely new wardrobe every fall? Focus on the accessories.

By Alison Cooper

If you're a fan of HowStuffWorks, you know that what makes the perfect outfit "click" is the right accessories. Browse this gallery to see some of Stacy and Clinton's favorite accessory picks.

Who knew that toothpaste in your medicine cabinet could make your teeth and your jewelry beam and sparkle? Learn about other items in your bathroom that are perfect for jewelry cleaner!

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd. & Samantha Stallard

Much like putting on a sweater when it's winter and then shedding those heavy clothes for a sundress in summer, you can also think of perfume as a seasonal part of your beauty routine.

By Jill Jaracz


A diamond may be forever, but costume jewelry is for right now. Where can you find the trendiest costume jewels to adorn your newest outfit?

By Meredith Bower

Unless you work for royalty or Liz Taylor, chances are the woman at the office Christmas party isn't wearing real diamonds. But can she pull off the fakes? What makes a good piece of costume jewelry and how can you wear your faux sparklers tastefully?

First date? Girls' night out? Slip into your favorite little black dress or your best pair of dark-wash jeans, but don't leave the house looking bare. How can you accessorize your evening outfits to fit your body and your style?

By Julia Layton