Body Scents & Fragrances

Scents and fragrances are a subtle part of your fashion style. Learn about wearing and choosing scents and fragrances.


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5 Benefits of Body Oils

Body oils have benefits that far outweigh lotions. We'll look at five of them.

How to Select a Signature Fragrance

Although some people prefer to sport a different scent every day (or none at all, for that matter), plenty of others choose to select that one perfect fragrance.

Guide to Selecting Natural Fragrance Oils

Choosing your signature scent can be tricky, but not impossible. We've got some tips and tricks to help you find your favorite natural fragrance oil.

How to Mix Perfume Oils

Why not create your own one-of-a-kind scent for a fraction of the cost of a name brand? We'll walk you through the whole process -- and clue you in to a pretty surprising perfume ingredient.

10 Sources for Exotic Fragrances

Ever wonder what gives perfumes their scents? Yes, there's usually an ample supply of chemicals in bottled fragrances -- exotic or not -- but many have roots in natural, sweet-smelling substances.

How to Layer Body Scents

Most beauty products on the market these days have some sort of scent attached. And if you layer the wrong scents on top of each other, you can end up smelling anything but sweet.

What does 'dry down' mean?

After the top notes and the heart of a perfume dissipate, you're left with the base notes -- the scents that stick around for the day. So what is the dry down period, and does it affect how we smell?

What does your scent say about you?

Forget that perfume to personality test: Your unenhanced scent actually already says a lot about your emotional state and even your metabolism.

5 Most Popular Fragrance Oils

While essential oils may be essential, they're also expensive. That's where fragrance oils come in. And there are some really popular choices.

How to Make Perfume Out of Flowers from Your Garden

Perfume doesn't have to be an environmental hazard. Learn more about making perfumeout of flowers from your garden.

Make Deodorant out of Cornstarch and Baking Soda

It's easy. It works and it saves you money. Learn more about making deodorant out of cornstarch and baking soda.

Second Trimester Fashion Tips

Mora is a mommy-to-be that does not know how to dress her growing tummy in a flattering way. Enter Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear.

Can I be allergic to perfume?

If you're predisposed to itchy eyes, headaches and respiratory irritation in the presence of strong fragrances, just walking downwind of someone who's wearing perfume could trigger a reaction. You may be allergic.