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Why do lip plumpers sting?

If you want a prettier pout, a product called "lip plumper" sounds like a no-brainer, right? It would – but how does it give you that bee-stung look?

Dilemma Solved! What to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Face facts: Skinny jeans are here to stay. What should you wear with these tight denim numbers to look like a fashion champ?

Contour Tips for an Oval Face

While an oval face shape may generally be considered the most balanced, almost everyone would like to play up their best features or downplay minor flaws. Learn how to make friends with highlighter and bronzer, and sculpt your best look yet.

Miss Matchy: Is wearing matching shades OK?

Of course your makeup colors shouldn't clash with your nails or your outfit, but should they all be the same shade?

Contour Tips for a Heart-shaped Face

If you weren't born with the so-called "ideal" oval facial structure, take heart! These simple contouring tricks add balance and structure to a heart-shaped face to help you look and feel your best.

DIY: Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Don't settle for tinted moisturizer in the same basic shades; mix up your own batch at home to create a customized color that's just right for your face.

Mix and Match or Matchy-Match: Purse and Shoes

Is matching your bag to your shoes stylish or stale? What are the pros and cons?

Tools You'll Want to Bring to the Salon

If you enjoy the occasional mani/pedi, but shy away from the possibility of unsterilized tools, it might be time to start toting your own to the nail salon.

Women's Guide to Shopping for Clothes

Whether you live to shop or hate to set foot in the mall, you've got to do it at some point! We've got some great tips for you, whether you're doing a quick solo trip or an all-day fiesta with the girls.

Colored Jean Trends and Faux Pas

Colored jeans can brighten up a fall, winter, spring or summer wardrobe. What are the dos and don'ts of donning hued jeans?

Be Haute: How to Dress Like a Model

Models in their off-duty wear tend to favor some ultracasual standards -- all mixed with an eye for fashion, of course. Which model-ready items might already be in your closet?

Contour Tips for a Round Face

A round face is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron fall into the round face camp. But if you want to make your visage look a bit slimmer, here are some tips.

How does makeup smooth wrinkles?

If you apply foundation correctly and use the right formula, it has the power to make you appear younger. How does it do it?

Hazardous Practices: Lead Found in Lipsticks

What? There's lead in your lipstick? That doesn't sound good. How worried should you be about ingesting it?

Contour Tips for a Square Face

Square faces are striking and beautiful. Just look at Katharine Hepburn. How can you apply makeup to accentuate your strong features and look your best?

Bronze Cheeks and Natural Lips: Secrets of the '70s Makeup Look

Hoping to replicate the key elements of '70s style with your makeup? Let's take a quick look at the key fashion elements of the decade.

Bow Lips and Bold Eyes: Secrets of the '20s Makeup Look

Do you yearn for the look of Daisy from "The Great Gatsby"? Get the scoop on flapper glam so you can replicate it yourself.

Red Lips and Glamour: Secrets of the '50s Makeup Look

Want to get in on the retro trend? To make sure your makeup is 1950s picture perfect, you'll need to know what trends defined the glamour of the decade.

Cat Eyes and Color: Secrets of the '60s Makeup Look

The 1960s was a decade with great style variety. But what are the key points you need to know to get the look?

5 Flattering Ideas for High-waisted Pants

High-waisted pants are making a comeback. If you're brave enough to give them a try, here are five tips for avoiding a fashion disaster.

Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Personal Style

While personal style is easily defined for some, it's an enigma for others. We've got five tips to help get you started.

3 Tips to Highlight Your Cheekbones

When it comes to cheekbones, why waste a good thing? Learn how to highlight your natural assets with three easy tips.

Why aren't there more unisex fragrances?

Perfume companies choose to market fragrances to one sex or the other. But is there any reason we can't all smell alike?

What type of makeup is good for your skin?

There are so many types of makeup out there, it can be hard to figure out which is right for you. The answer starts with your skin type.

Easy Guide to Makeup Primers

If you've been skipping primer as part of your makeup regimen, it might be time to reconsider this slight. Primers can do wonders in helping your makeup last.