Star Quilt Patterns

Star quilting patterns are a popular choice for crafters. Learn about quilting patterns featuring stars in these articles.

The Quilted Friendship Star Quilt Pattern makes a beautiful quilt that is filled with detail. Download a great quilt pattern and instructions on how to make it in this article.

Just like a good friendship, the Friendship quilt pattern will last a long time -- both in looks and quality. Download the free quilt pattern and find helpful instructions in this article.

The Diamond Star quilt pattern is sure to be a shining star among yourQuilting projects. Find a free quilt pattern download, helpful instructions, and colorful illustrations in this article.

You'll get lost in the stars of the incredible Starred Beauty quilt pattern. Learn how to make it on this page, where you can also download the free quilt pattern.

You'll go starry eyed when you look at the beautiful Starry quilt pattern. Make it your nextQuilting project today by downloading the free quilt pattern in this helpful article.

Let the sunshine in with the delightful Sun Shining quilt pattern. You'll find everything you need to get started on this page, including helpful instructions and a free quilt pattern download.

The Our Stars photo quilt pattern offers a unique way to truly personalize yourQuilting project. Learn how to make the quilt and download the free quilt pattern in this helpful article.