Garden and Floral Quilt Patterns

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. This classic beauty is just one of many garden-inspired quilts you can make.

Bring the natural beauty of the garden inside your home with one of the lovely garden and floral quilt patterns featured in this article. They're sure to brighten up any room in no time! From butterflies to frogs, daisies to lilies, the design ideas are as endless as a summer sky and can be adjusted to suit your décor.

The links below will take you to inspiring quilt patterns that range in skill level from simple to a bit more challenging. Don't worry, though -- all of the quilts come with easy-to-follow instructions, helpful illustrations and photos, and a free quilt pattern that you can download and print out.


Use the timeless art of quilting to create a garden-inspired treasure:

  • Daisies, daisies are in full glory on the Daisy Chain Quilt Pattern. What's more, this casual design is a breeze to make.
  • Several solid color and floral quilt blocks come together to create the delightful Quilt a Bloom Quilt Pattern. Mixing up fabrics would give this design a completely different look.
  • Johnny-Jump-Ups jump right off the Quilted Flowers Quilt to catch your eye. This quilt pattern is so delightful you'll want to make one to give away.
  • A Bounty of Butterflies Quilt Pattern features a delightful array of fluttering friends that are sure to charm anyone who sees them.
  • A repeat of an adorable ladybug quilt block is the centerpiece of the Ladybug Quilt Pattern. Its piano keys border really completes the look.
  • The Flying High Quilt offers a perfect perch from which the pattern's frog can leap to catch its dinner. This quilt would even work great in a kids' room.


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