Fall Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

Fall in the country -- leaves crackling underfoot, pumpkins waiting to be carved, a scarecrow in the fields. The Fall Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging conjures up the nostalgic pleasures of autumn. The finished piece measures approximately 18 X 30 inches. Download a photo and the patterns for the Fall Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging in this seven-page PDF.

Fall Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging
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Familiar symbols of autumn adorn the Fall Patchwork Quilted Wall Hanging.

You'll Need:

  • 3/4 yard cream print for scarecrow background and checkerboard
  • 1/4 yard cream print for cat background
  • 1/4 yard cream and gray print for fence background
  • 1/8 yard cream print for pumpkin background
  • 1/8 yard or scraps cream print for corner squares and side panels
  • 1/8 yard each 6 fabrics for patchwork or scraps for five 41/2-inch squares
  • 1/8 yard each 5 fabrics or 45 scraps in assorted medium to dark colors totaling 45 X 11/2 inches for checkerboard border
  • 5/8 yard backing fabric
  • 1/3 yard dark brown print for binding
  • 19 X 31-inch piece batting
  • 1 yard fusible webbing
  • Raffia
  • Black fine-point permanent ink pen
  • Red cosmetic powder blush
  • Cotton swab
  • Transparent monofilament thread
  • Black thread

Appliqué fabrics:

  • 1/8 yard brown print for coveralls
  • 1/8 yard black and tan check for shirt
  • 1/8 yard orange print for pumpkins and cat's bow
  • 1/8 yard brown print for fence
  • 1/8 yard black print for cat
  • Scraps: black for bats, brown for cat features, green check for rug, black print for rug, dark brown for hat, off-white for face and hands, assorted colors for patches, green for pumpkin leaves, brown for large pumpkin stems, green for small pumpkin stems

Gather these materials, then check out the next section for tips on how to put it all together.

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