Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt Pattern

It's time to cuddle up with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa! With the Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt Pattern, you can create the perfect nook for warming up on a cold winter's day. The finished piece measures approximately 45 X 60 inches. Download a photo and the patterns for the Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt in this three-page PDF.

Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt
©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
The Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt is a uniquely American way to stay warm.

You'll Need:

  • 1 yard red print
  • 11/4 yard tan print
  • 1/8 yard each of 8-12 different plaids
  • 1 yard blue print
  • 1/2 yard solid red
  • 2 yards backing fabric
  • 50 X 65-inch piece cotton batting
  • 3/4 yard fusible webbing
  • Yellow rayon machine embroidery thread
  • Off-white and dark red sewing machine thread

Once you've found all the materials listed, check out the next page for tips on making the charming lap quilt.

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How to Make Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt Pattern

Show off your American pride with the Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt. Fun and easy to make, the lap quilt goes great with any décor. To get a closer look at the quilt and its patterns, download this three-page PDF of the Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt Pattern.

To make the Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt Pattern:

  1. Download and cut out star pattern. Iron fusible webbing to wrong side of blue fabric and trace star 59 times on paper side of fusible webbing. Cut out stars and remove paper backing.

  2. Cut six to eight 41/2-inch squares from each plaid fabric, for a total of 59 squares. Fuse 1 star in the center of each plaid square.

  3. Thread sewing machine with yellow rayon machine embroidery thread and off-white thread in bobbin. Using blanket stitch (2.5W-2.5L), stitch around stars. Pull threads to back and knot.

  4. From red print, cut fourteen 13/4 X 45-inch strips. From tan print, cut seven 2 X 45-inch strips.

  5. Stitch 1 red strip to either side of each tan strip lengthwise. Repeat for all strips. This makes 7 strip sets. Press seams toward red strips. Cut strip sets into 41/2-inch units, making 58 strip units.

  6. Stitch blocks together as shown in finished quilt illustration below. Start by making horizontal rows, then stitch rows together vertically. Press.

    Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt Pattern
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Stars & Stripes Forever Quilt Pattern

  7. From remaining blue fabric, cut five 11/2 X 45-inch strips. With right sides together, place two strips at right angles with ends together. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner where strips cross. Stitch on line and trim away excess 1/4 inch from seam. Open and press. Repeat to add another strip. Cut this long strip in half and stitch to sides of quilt. Stitch remaining 2 strips to top and bottom of quilt. Press seam allowance to one side and trim excess.

  8. From tan print, cut five 31/2 X 45-inch strips. If necessary, stitch together as in step 7.

  9. Measure quilt vertically through center. From tan print, cut 2 outer border strips to this length and stitch to sides. Measure quilt horizontally through the center and cut 2 strips to this length from tan print. Stitch to top and bottom. Press seams toward outer border.

  10. Layer back, batting, and top; baste. If machine quilting, pin baste with 1 pin in the center of each square. With red thread, quilt in ditches between squares and around borders.

  11. From red print, cut five 21/2 X 45-inch strips. Stitch together as in step 7 for long sides. See How to Quilt to stitch binding to quilt. 

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