Evening Glamour Quilted Purse Pattern

It only takes some colorful ribbons and a few hours to make the Evening Glamour Quilted Purse. You could also choose delicate pastels and lace to make a trousseau keepsake bag for the bride-to-be.

Evening Glamour Quilted Purse Pattern
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The Evening Glamour Quilted Purse gives you a touch of elegance
without having to work too hard.

You'll Need:

  • 2/3 yard each 4 or 5 textured ribbons in several widths, colors, and patterns, about 7 yards total
  • 1 yard ribbon, 11/2 inch wide, matching other ribbon colors
  • 7 X 18-inch piece fusible tricot interfacing
  • 7 X 18-inch piece soft woven or tricot fabric for lining
  • 11/3 yard rattail cording
  • Transparent monofilament thread
  • Gold rayon embroidery thread
  • Upholstery thread
  • Grid board
  • Press cloth
  • Safety pin or bodkin

Once you've found everything you need, learn how to put all the materials together to make the quilted purse on the next page.

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