5 Flattering Ideas for High-waisted Pants

Do you have the figure, or courage, for high-waisted pants, like Jessica Simpson does?
Do you have the figure, or courage, for high-waisted pants, like Jessica Simpson does?
Chris Gordon/WireImage/Getty Images

This just in: High-waisted pants -- which have been spotted only on middle-aged moms since about 1983 -- are making a comeback. Those in the know are calling them a breath of fresh air after the extreme low-rise trend of the past decade or so. Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Pink and the Olsen twins are high-waist wearers. Are you brave enough to give them a try?

Here's a secret about high-waisted pants: They're actually not "high-waisted" at all. They're higher than what we're accustomed to, but they hit at your natural waist. And the effect today is more Katharine Hepburn than Marcia Brady -- the denim is softer and stretchier, and jeans aren't the only option. Head to any mall, and you'll find trousers, straight-leg pants, flared jeans, skinny jeans and flowing palazzo pants, all with high waists.

Even though high-waisted pants are more forgiving than they used to be, they're not universally flattering by any means. They work with a variety of body types, and you don't have to be a supermodel to wear them, but it can be a tightrope act trying to find the right style.

Here's a partial list of the roadblocks you might stumble across in your quest: If you're lacking in the derriere department, you'll probably find that high-waisted pants flatten your backside out even more. If you have wider hips, high-waisted pants might emphasize them a little too much. They do eliminate the dreaded "muffin-top" effect created by low-rise pants, but if your belly's even slightly lumpy, the pants will probably bulge at a pretty unattractive spot. And because high-waisters work best with fitted, tucked-in tops, you can't rely on a flowing shirt to cover your flaws.

If you are able to find the perfect pair of high-waisted pants, pulling off a flattering outfit is also a trick. The slightest misstep could send you hurtling into mom-jeans territory. But fear not: We've put together a list of five ideas that will eliminate the guesswork -- and possibly save you from a fashion disaster.