Denim is a fashion material that has evolved through the decades. Learn all about denim fashion and get tips and ideas.

Denim pants have gone from mining camps and ranches to the White House. How did they get so popular and why are sales shrinking now?

Whether they're baggy, tight, high-waisted or low-rise, your jeans are saying more about you than you probably realize. Let's look at some of the current trends and what they reveal about your personality.

Everyone loves the fit and feel of a great pair of jeans, but pear-shaped ladies may find searching for the perfect ones a bit of challenge. Don't despair, though: All it takes is a little time and effort.

Trying to find jeans that fit in all the right places is hard enough for most people, let alone for petites. What should smaller women look for to find that perfect pair of jeans?

Like every body type, straight-figured ladies with no curves can have difficulty finding jeans that work just right for their shape. Dressing a boyish figure is a little tricky -- but not impossible.

Someone with an inverted triangle body type usually has broad shoulders and smaller hips, and it can be hard to fit a pair of jeans that fits. Should you look for pockets or no pockets? Boot cut or skinny?

Ask any woman to try on jeans, and her reaction will probably be a look of dread. Plus sizes are even harder to find in flattering, comfortable and on-trend styles. Where can you find great plus denim, and what should you look for?