Denim Fit and Find Guide for No Curves

If you have a straight figure, it can be difficult to find the right pair of jeans.
If you have a straight figure, it can be difficult to find the right pair of jeans.
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When you've got the perfect pair of jeans, it makes all the difference in your wardrobe. You've got a go-to staple that matches everything from blouses to blazers and sneakers to stilettos. But how do you know which pair is the right one for you? Jeans come in every style and wash imaginable. Plus, everyone's body is different, so what works for one figure isn't necessarily going to flatter another.

This particular fit and find guide is geared towards straight-figured women with no curves. If you've got slim hips, a small rear, little definition between the thigh and waist, and few curves overall, then you qualify as a straight-figured girl. This body type is also known as rectangular, athletic or boyish.

Like every body type, straight-figured ladies can have difficulty finding jeans that work just right for their shape. Jeans that fit at the waist might be too loose in the hip and thigh if they're made for a curvier silhouette. They can be baggy in the seat, or they can gap at the waist. Jeans are supposed to be comfortable and flattering, so who wants a pair that's neither of those things?

You may be tempted to try mens' or boys' jeans in order to find a pair that works better on a straight figure. In the past, that might have been your best option. Recently, however, retailers have been paying better attention to the wide variety of body types of their customers. There are a lot more choices out there than there used to be, so don't give up the search quite yet.

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