Denim Fit and Find Guide for No Curves

By: Meghan E. Smith

If you have a straight figure, it can be difficult to find the right pair of jeans.
If you have a straight figure, it can be difficult to find the right pair of jeans.
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When you've got the perfect pair of jeans, it makes all the difference in your wardrobe. You've got a go-to staple that matches everything from blouses to blazers and sneakers to stilettos. But how do you know which pair is the right one for you? Jeans come in every style and wash imaginable. Plus, everyone's body is different, so what works for one figure isn't necessarily going to flatter another.

This particular fit and find guide is geared towards straight-figured women with no curves. If you've got slim hips, a small rear, little definition between the thigh and waist, and few curves overall, then you qualify as a straight-figured girl. This body type is also known as rectangular, athletic or boyish.


Like every body type, straight-figured ladies can have difficulty finding jeans that work just right for their shape. Jeans that fit at the waist might be too loose in the hip and thigh if they're made for a curvier silhouette. They can be baggy in the seat, or they can gap at the waist. Jeans are supposed to be comfortable and flattering, so who wants a pair that's neither of those things?

You may be tempted to try mens' or boys' jeans in order to find a pair that works better on a straight figure. In the past, that might have been your best option. Recently, however, retailers have been paying better attention to the wide variety of body types of their customers. There are a lot more choices out there than there used to be, so don't give up the search quite yet.

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What to Shop For

Jeans with a little extra detail can add character to a straight figure.
Jeans with a little extra detail can add character to a straight figure.
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So, dressing your boyish figure is tricky -- but never fear, it's not impossible. In fact, you can easily pull off a lot of different looks. For example, the stylish skinny jean is definitely a possibility worth trying. Any pant with a more tapered leg will create a curvier look for your hips and thighs.

When you've got a more rectangular figure, getting your hips and waist to like the same pair of jeans can be a struggle. You can take some of the guesswork out of the equation by picking the right type of waistband. Jeans usually come with either a straight-across or a curved waist. Those with a more athletic figure should stick with the straight-across style, as curved waistbands can be uncomfortable and prone to gapping. Depending on whether your height is primarily in your legs or torso, lower rises or high-waisted styles can also work for you. A lower-rise jean that hits close to the hip's widest point will play up your figure and elongate your torso. A high-waisted pant, on the other hand, will give the impression of longer legs and draw attention to your natural waist. Either way, you're highlighting the curves you do have.


Flared and wide-leg jeans are also options worth trying. Flared (or bootleg) jeans balance out the hips to create more of an hourglass figure. Wide-legged pants that fall straight from the hip use your boyish figure to advantage -- just make sure the jeans are tailored as opposed to baggy. The latter will simply look oversized and frumpy, but wide-legged pants can lend a sleek and sophisticated air to your ensemble.

Quirky details are also an option for straight figures. If you're looking to add volume to your rear, try back pockets that have flaps or other embellishment. Interesting details like sailor-style buttons bring the focus up to the hip, giving the illusion of bigger curves. Fading or whiskering on the thighs can also amp up your figure. These are all fun ways to add individuality to your jeans and definition to your frame.

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Where to Shop

Retailers are paying more attention to different cuts of jeans, including those for body types with no curves.
Retailers are paying more attention to different cuts of jeans, including those for body types with no curves.
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So, now you know what to look for when buying jeans for a straight figure. But where are you going to find them? Given how many apparel stores offer a line of denim, it can easily become an overwhelming task. Don't get stuck before you even start -- here are some places to begin your search.

There are some companies that deal almost exclusively with denim, so that's a good starting place to look for hard-to-find styles and sizes. If you're starting from scratch in terms of fit, your best bet is to try things on in the store. Once you find your fit, you can stock up online. Levi's is one of the best-known denim brands on the market, and it's also the oldest -- it's credited with producing the world's first blue jeans back in 1873. The company has retail stores across the country as well as an online shop. My True Fit is an online-only retailer, but it includes dozens of brands. Using the fit guide, which gives you options based on size, style and fit, can put you on the right track. For jeans with embellishments and interesting details, check out boutique retailers like Anthropologie. Anthropologie carries brands that are on the whimsical side of stylish, with quirky buttons and non-traditional washes that will add an extra bit of oomph to your figure.


As you begin the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, don't get discouraged if you can't find that pair right off the rack. You might find jeans that are just right, except maybe the inseam is a little too long or the waist needs to be taken in a bit. Those are easy fixes, and any tailoring service should be able to help you out. Alterations like that aren't expensive, though it's a good investment regardless. Some stores, like Nordstrom or J. Crew, will even do alterations in-house. The end result will be a pair of jeans that fits you to a tee and flatters your figure -- and most importantly, makes you feel like a million bucks.

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