5 Fall Trends to Avoid

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Is the runway "hairy metal" look right for you? Learn more with celebrity fashion disaster pictures.
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This fall's cool winds have blown in some lovely new style trends -- for example, the feminine "ladylike" look (pencil skirts, kitten heels, pearls) is a welcome addition to any gal's collection of clothing.

But not every trend this fall is a winner, ladies, and there are a few we think you should pass up. After all, just because an ensemble looks like contemporary art on the catwalk doesn't mean it'll look fantastic at the grocery store or on the sidelines at your daughter's soccer game.


Let's take a look at some of these questionable trends.

5: Military-inspired

The challenge with this trend is to look stylish, not enlisted. So head-to-toe camo with combat boots is not advised. What we like about the camouflage micro-mini, for example, is its color palette -- olive greens and neutrals. So feel free to embrace those hues (and "just say no" to the micro-mini). The military's clean cuts are also desirable. Perhaps an aviator-inspired coat or bag will be just enough to suit your fancy.


4: Socks and Sandals

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Socks with sandals are "in" for 2010.
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Socks with sandals has long been a fashion faux pas, so it's a shock to see this "fashion don't" on runways and in fashion magazines. Practically speaking, it's an odd concept. After all, you wear sandals in warm weather to show off your pedicure and give your feet some air. Why would you negate those benefits by wearing socks? On the other hand, socks allow you to wear your favorite open-toed numbers in cold weather. It's your call, but you could always just slip your feet into a comfy pair of boots, instead.



3: Crop Top Sweaters

We noticed some bare midriffs on the runway this season, and here's what we think about this look:

  • One, it takes a wash-board stomach to pull it off.
  • Two, the midriff-baring items on the runway were sweaters. If it's cold enough to wear a sweater, why would you want your belly exposed?
  • And three, we found one sweater, cropped at the ribcage, that retailed for around $700. That's 700 bucks for an unfinished article of clothing!


2: Unnecessary Fur and Animal Prints

One animal print piece is perfect.
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Animal prints and fur are popular this season, and they're great looks … in moderation. Some designers are pushing this look as a head-to-toe affair, but you're better off wearing animal print and fur as accent pieces.

For example, purchase a leopard-print clutch or a fur-trimmed sweater. Just don't wear them at the same time!



1: Oversized Pants

Maybe it's a revolt against last year's unforgiving skinny jeans, but oversized pants (a la MC Hammer in his "U Can't Touch This" video) are back in style. These pants are risky, and here's why: Unless you wear a fitted top, you're likely to look sloppy and much larger than you actually are. In fact, these genie-style pants can resemble a droopy diaper.

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