How to Coordinate a Sequin Dress and Shoes

A woman wearing a sequin dress while drinking champagne.
Sequin dresses are unique, so they must be paired with the best shoes. knape / Getty Images

Sequined dresses or gowns are in a league of their own. If silk whispers its elegant story, then sequins shout it to the rooftops. Sequined styles are a fierce choice and one usually reserved for special occasions when you want to look -- well, better than you ever have before. Since the gown has its own built-in razzle-dazzle, choosing the right accessories can get dicey. Should you stick with basic, simple pieces or build on that glittering shine? Maybe you should try to find a middle ground? And if you do, how would that work exactly? The last thing you want is to ruin your special look by choosing the wrong shoes.

Shoes are important in fashion today. (We should actually have put "important" in full caps, but it's considered rude.) They have unseated jewelry as the reigning king of stylish accessories. Look in the average woman's closet and you'll see 17 pairs of shoes looking back at you -- and sometimes there is lot more foot candy squirreled under the bed, crammed into the guestroom closet or hidden under piles of extra blankets to keep them safe from prying -- and judgmental – eyes.


Shoes are a big deal, and the right shoe choice can make or break your sequined outfit, be it a dress, gown, shirt, tunic or belt. Before you start stressing, understand that making the right selection isn't rocket science. The shoes you wear with sequins are often far enough away from the hem of the sequined piece that you won't have to worry much about creating a matchy-matchy look -- which can be hard when you're sporting spangles. That leaves plenty of room for creative interpretation.

On the next page, let's take a look at some powerful tips and tricks that will make matching (coordinating or contrasting) shoes with sequins a walk in the park.


Tips to Coordinate a Sequin Dress and Shoes

You probably already know that fashion is a balancing act. Sure, you'll see red carpet outfits that manage to make denim with feathers (or some other outlandish choice) work, but for most of us, the basic rules still apply. In the last few years, the fashion police have relaxed those rules somewhat, though. Shoes are a good example: Where neutral shoe colors have always been considered a safe and reliable fashion choice, playing it too safe today could end up branding you as a fashion frump. Within bounds, a walk on the wild side will modernize your look and pair perfectly with sequins. Consider:

  • Wearing two-toned shoes - If one of the colors of the gown is repeated in the shoes and you echo the second color (say red, pink, yellow or gold) in your other accessories, you'll end up with an integrated look that's fresh but still classic enough that even your mom will love it.
  • Going red - Sequined dresses are bright by definition, and mirroring that with an unexpected pop of color on your feet can work wonders, especially if that bright color is red. Red is actually considered a neutral in some fashion and interior decor circles, so pairing it with a silver, white, gray, black, blue or even brown sequined number can work much better than you might expect.
  • Rocking a metallic - Metallic shoes in gold, silver, pewter, bronze or copper will work almost as well as a neutral color when paired with sequins. A metallic has the added advantage of always appearing somewhat dressy, too.
  • Adding texture - Sequins are dramatic, so a dramatic shoe choice can amp up your look and bring your feet (and what's on them) to the party. Suede, velvet, patent leather, transparent plastic and patterned leather (think a weave or peek-a-boo cutout) can all work very well.

Nevertheless, we said the basics still apply, and they do. If you appreciate subtlety and understatement, it's completely acceptable to match your shoe color with that of your sequined dress, or go with basic black. A simple pump is a good choice when you want style and comfort. If you decide a tan or flesh toned shade will make your legs look longer, choosing a slightly textured shoe is a nice way to keep things simple but still stylish.


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