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5 Things Not to Wear to the Office Christmas Party

Is there another work event more fraught with awkwardness? Don't make it worse than it already is by wearing something ridiculous, like a light-up Christmas sweatshirt.

From Sack Coats to Trucker Hats: 100 Years of Men's Fashion

We accuse our boyfriends of having no style when they pull on polo shirts and baggy pants. But these frat house staples have roots in men's fashion history. Thank your stars that he's not wearing knickers and leisure suits!

Sharp Dressed Man: 10 Tips for Dressing Your Man

It's sexist but true: Most men have no fashion sense. But just because you want yours to look a little more sharply dressed doesn't mean you have to act like his mom. What are 10 ways to help your man out of a sartorial rut?

5 Fall Trends to Avoid

Just because something looks like contemporary art on the runway doesn't mean it'll look fantastic on you while you cruise the aisles at the grocery store. Which fall fashion trends should you pass up?

10 Fashion Mistakes Men Make

If you're fashion challenged, you probably know it, and your significant other knows it, too. Just in case you haven't gotten the word about these 10 style no-nos, we're here to make sure you're in the loop.

10 Affordable Fall Fashion Finds

The great thing about fashion is that once something hits "trend" status, lower-priced versions of the high-priced stuff pops up in stores. How can you buy the latest fall styles for the cheapest prices?

10 Things No One Should Wear. Ever.

Do you have something embarrassing in your closet? A pair of pants your friends call your "mom jeans"? Some green Crocs you wear to the office? Whatever your wardrobe weakness, we know you'll enjoy this list of fashion failures.

10 of Fashion's Biggest Blunders

Some fashions -- the little black dress, for example -- are timeless. Others, like poodle skirts, looked cute back in the day. And then there's the black-sheep category: stuff that never looked good in the first place.

5 Pieces to Complete Your Office Wardrobe

If you invest in the right pieces, you can mix and match your way into a wardrobe for the whole week. Which basics should you buy for the office?

How to Accessorize for the Office

Tired of office grays? Bored with a wardrobe jammed with near-identical pantsuits? Looks like the time is ripe to start flexing your accessorizing muscles.

Denim Fit and Find Guide for Petites

Trying to find jeans that fit in all the right places is hard enough for most people, let alone for petites. What should smaller women look for to find that perfect pair of jeans?

Denim Fit and Find Guide for No Curves

Like every body type, straight-figured ladies with no curves can have difficulty finding jeans that work just right for their shape. Dressing a boyish figure is a little tricky -- but not impossible.

Denim Fit and Find Guide for Inverted Triangle

Someone with an inverted triangle body type usually has broad shoulders and smaller hips, and it can be hard to fit a pair of jeans that fits. Should you look for pockets or no pockets? Boot cut or skinny?

10 Trends We Wish Would Die Already

When you see some people out and about, it's hard to believe they have mirrors at home. Some fashion trends don't flatter the human form, and others probably only suit about 1 percent of the population, if that. It's time to let them go.

What does business casual mean for women?

If ever there were a place to be concerned with appearances, it's at work. But when a dress code is as vague as "business casual," how does a woman know what's right and what's terribly wrong?

Top Trends for Summer Style

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, what items do you need to have in your closet to stay in style all summer long?

Clothing Rental: Rent Some Style

Cothing rental can let you dress like a celebrity on a average-Jane dime. Learn all about clothing rental.

Buy This, Not That: Summer Style Edition

It's time to skim the racks for some new summer fashions. Which looks should you pull and which should you pass over?

10 Office Wardrobe Crimes

These 10 office wardrobe crimes will help you avoid office wardrobe don'ts. Find out if you've committed any of these fashion mistakes.

Jorge's Top Fall Fashion Trends

Fall fashion trends usually involve classic, bold colors. Find out which trends are coming back into the spotlight this Fall season.

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Thrift store shopping is a growing trend for fashion bargain shoppers. Learn the science behind thrift store shopping with these money-saving tips.