Sharp Dressed Man: 10 Tips for Dressing Your Man

How can you style your man without a fight?
How can you style your man without a fight?

It's sexist, ageist and true: Most men have no fashion sense, and it only gets worse with age until eventually the guy ends up in a coffin wearing a blue polyester suit and a baseball cap.

It is our love for them that makes us want to intervene -- our love for them, and our shame at walking into a fine restaurant with them. Yes, we love them anyway. But if we say we don't care what they're wearing we're probably lying, as much to ourselves as to them.

We care. There. We said it. Put on a decent friggin' suit you overgrown toddler.

And there's an example of how not to get your man to dress better (and by "better," we mean "the way you want him to").

Here, 10 tips on how to style your man without a fight. It's a job you'll want to put some thought into -- after all, if someone told you you had no style, you'd cry.

Job No. 1 is to avoid, at all costs, turning into his mother. Or yours.