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5 Tips for Dealing with an Adult Child Moving Home

Ah, the golden years. Retirement is here -- or looming in the not-so-distant future -- and you're loving the peace and quiet of an empty nest. Then, your adult son or daughter asks to move in. How can you make this as smooth a transition as possible?

Can you claim an adult child as a dependent?

Still buying your adult children's groceries, helping with their cell phone bills and car insurance and providing a roof over their heads? So when it comes to tax time, shouldn't you be able to claim them as a dependent?

How to Guide Adult Children Without Being Controlling

Your little boy is all grown up now, but do you still find yourself telling him what to do, like you did when he was 3? Read on to learn how to guide your adult children without being controlling.

How to Talk WITH -- Not AT -- Your Adult Children

As children grow into adults and begin to have families of their own, parents have to adapt to their revised roles in their adult kids' lives, and changing the way Moms and Dads communicate with their grown kids is a big part of that. Here's how to talk with -- not at -- your adult children.

How can you influence grown children's nutrition?

Parenting doesn't get easier once your children leave home. For one thing, you can't say things like, "If you're living under my roof, you've got to obey the rules." How do you get your children to take your advice on nutrition and other matters without being bossy?

How to Deal With Mooching Adult Children

It's pretty common for Mom and Dad to occasionally help out their grown kids. But mooching a meal here and there is a far cry from being financially supported by their parents. Here's how to tackle the issue of grown kids taking advantage of parents.

10 Tips for Helping Your Child Buy a First Home

Buying a home is a huge step in your child's life, but he or she may get so excited that they go into it blind. This is where you step in and guide them through the ups and downs of real estate. We've got 10 tips to help you help them.

5 Things Parents Should Do Before a Daughter Gets Married

Some moms like to joke that they've been planning their daughters' weddings since the day they were born. Maybe they're on to something? We'll help you gain some perspective on wedding planning -- it's not all rose petals and table linens!

5 Things Parents Should Do Before a Son Gets Married

According to tradition, the bride's family foots the bill for the wedding. Other than planning the rehearsal dinner, the groom's parents don't have to sweat the details, right? Not exactly. You can help prepare your son for marriage by checking these five items off your list.

10 Ways to Help Your Children Become Better Parents

The fact that your son or daughter just made you a grandparent doesn't end your career as a parent -- in fact, it presents you with new parenting challenges. How do you help your child become a better parent without taking over?

How to Coach Your Adult Child Into a Career

College graduation came and went, but somehow your child's career path led him right back to your house. Not for long. Help him launch his career and save your sanity.

10 Ways to Treat Yourself on Mother's Day

Kids aren't known for respecting "mommy time." For little ones, even the bathroom is fair game. But then there's that one precious day of the year when you're the pampered one -- how should you celebrate?

What are Erik Erikson's stages of human development?

There are life lessons to learn during each stage of human development. Learn about Erik Erikson's stages of human development in this article.

Are there any pregnancy tips for dads?

Knowledgeable dads can be active in helping their partners through a healthy pregnancy. Learn if there are any pregnancy tips for dads in this article.

How can full-time working parents assist kids with homework?

You can help your child with homework when you get home after work or you can call from your office to direct your child. Learn how full-time working parents can assist kids with homework from this article.

What are some daycare options for working parents?

Daycare options are a concern for working parents, as they must consider their logistic needs and their child's well-being. Learn about daycare options for working parents in this article.

What are some easy meals for working parents?

Healthy and quick meal recipes are not hard to find, and nutritious solutions for family meals are readily available. Learn about easy meals for working parents in this article.

Does having working parents harm children?

Studies have been carried out regarding whether a mother employed outside the home is harmful to her children's development. Learn about whether having working parents harms children in this article.

10 Things Not to Say to a New Mom

You weathered the pregnancy and survived the birth. Now that baby is happy and healthy at home, it's time to get back to real life. Unfortunately, that means hearing the not-so-welcome thoughts of friends and strangers alike.

Are you a bad parent?

All parents make some mistakes with their kids. Learn whether that makes you a bad parent in this article.

How can you be an active parent?

Kids need parents who take an active role in their lives. Learn about being an active parent in this article.

What are the typical parenting styles?

There are a variety of opinions about how to bring up children. Learn about typical parenting styles in this article.

How to Be a Classy Gentleman

You want to be a classy gentleman, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to be a classy gentleman in this article.

Where can you find parenting classes?

Parenting classes are offered in hospitals, schools, churches, synagogues and online. Learn where to find parenting classes from this article.

Where do you find support on parenting tips?

Many support groups and collections of parenting tips can easily be found online. Learn where to find support and parenting tips from this article.