5 Things You Should Know: Single Dads

Suddenly becoming a single dad can be intimidating.
Suddenly becoming a single dad can be intimidating.

Back in the late 1960s, two psychologists named Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe created a scale of life events with a rating of the level of stress they inflict on the individual. The Holmes and Rahe stress scale rates the death of a spouse, divorce and marital separation as the three most stressful events an adult can endure.

If you've found yourself cast in the role of single dad, then you've likely experienced one of these three major life changes.

The problem is that you're not the only one that needs care. You've got your kids to think of as well. Daunting is a good word to describe the life of a new single dad. Fortunately, men have successfully raised kids alone for decades. Even more fortunately, many of them have shared their experiences as advice to other single dads. Here are some things you should know about single fatherhood.