Parenting Tips

Parenting tips always come in handy for new and seasoned parents alike. Get helpful parenting tips at HowStuffWorks.

Remember the thrill of getting a valentine from a secret admirer in middle or high school? Well, the shoe's on the other foot now. Here are our tips for parents on handling lovelorn teens.

Juggling multiple schedules doesn't have to be hard. Learn about making a family schedule from this article.

Every family should have an emergency contact list handy in case of a medical emergency. Learn who should be on an emergency contact list and why in this article.

All parents make some mistakes with their kids. Learn whether that makes you a bad parent in this article.

Kids need parents who take an active role in their lives. Learn about being an active parent in this article.

There are a variety of opinions about how to bring up children. Learn about typical parenting styles in this article.

Do you want to know how to find sex offenders in your area? Learn how to find sex offenders in your area in this article.

Would you like to know how to get a replacement for your birth certificate? Learn how to get a birth certificate replacement in this article.

Using reverse psychology can be an effective parenting tool when used correctly. Read this article to learn how to use reverse psychology on your kids.

Whether you're raising five children or 15, you'll find these parenting tips will streamline your daily life. And they'll work just as well if you've got only two kids!

Just let the baby cry. Rub some whiskey on his aching gums. Don't ever scold a child. We've all heard some parenting advice that gives us pause. How much of it is hokey -- and how much is downright horrific?

Disciplining testy toddlers can be a challenge when emotions run high. Read this article to learn how to deal with "I hate you!" and other phrases your toddler is trying on for size.

Deciding between a condo in the city and a home in the suburbs is complicated when you have a family. You have to consider everything from diversity to cost of living. We'll help you navigate the differing landscapes to find a place to settle down.

A mother's duties are never done. And while being a mother can be difficult at times, being a mom to multiples is an even bigger challenge. Learn about the daily struggles of being a mother to multiples.

Anyone new to parenting will have a lot of questions. Reading parenting books or taking a class can be a great way to learn some helpful tips and tricks. This parenting image gallery will show you some easy and fun tips for raising children.

If you want to learn new parenting skills for when your child reaches a certain age or goes through a difficult situation, parenting classes could be for you. What kinds of classes are offered, and what can they teach you?

For some parents and soon-to-be parents, there are two different parenting styles: good and bad. And while all parents want to be the good kind, it's not that simple. Take a look at your options.

Deciding on how to raise a family can be a tricky situation -- you want children to become happy, well-rounded individuals, but subtle variations in parenting psychology can have wildly different effects. How can your attitudes and actions influence your child?

The responsibilities of raising a child often take their toll on parents and cause them to feel overwhelmed. What are some ways to cope with and cut down on parenting stress?

Studies have shown that children who have a close relationship with their parents typically have higher self-esteem and perform better in school. How can parents effectively communicate with their kids?

Sure, classic comfort foods for kids, like pizza and macaroni and cheese, are easy to make and well-received. But with a few simple changes, you can turn a normal fast-food staple into a gourmet meal suitable for younger taste buds.

In addition to the joys of parenting, the responsibilities are likely to bring along some stress and anxiety, too. What can you do to prevent -- or at least reduce -- some of that tension?

Parents often find that they are constantly on the go, but you don't have to go hungry with these easy-to-pack healthy snacks.

It's easy to get frustrated when you're the parent of a picky eater, but these tips will help you please any child.

How can you, as a parent, deal with the fear and anxiety that can affect your child in the wake of tragic events? Learn about what you can do to communicate with your child and help them cope.