How to Balance Work and Home Life

What can you do to perform well at your job and raise a family at the same time? See more parenting pictures.

Sometimes, what's supposed to make our lives more enjoyable actually becomes a source of stress. Technology's supposed to save time and money, but the incessant chimes, pings and alerts of phones and computers can cost us our sanity. Searching for time to schedule leisure activities makes them feel like just another chore. And when you're a working parent, sometimes it's harder to figure out who's the tougher boss: your actual boss or your kids.

Feeling overworked is a recognized psychological state that's usually acute (intense but temporary) instead of chronic (persisting) [source: Families and Work Institute]. The working world has changed, and in a tougher global economy, people feel pressure to work harder to prevent their jobs from being outsourced or eliminated entirely. Companies cut back on nonessentials. Managers and bosses turn up the heat accordingly. They might expect workers to be available anywhere and anytime, thanks to technology. Even though it enables international communication and can be a great time saver, in some fields technology also necessitates around-the-clock access.

The good news is that there are strategies to reclaim control. Creating a good work-life balance enables you to focus on yourselfand your relationships. If you make the time to take better care of yourself, you can work healthier habits into your lifestyle. Imagine how much more relaxed and in control you'd feel if you enjoyed your favorite form of exercise a few times a week and ate healthier meals. More sleep might seem like an unaffordable luxury, but it'll help maintain your health, and you'll have more energy.

Achieving a balance between work and home life takes effort, so you have to be willing to work toward it. Keep in mind as you read that it doesn't mean you can attain perfection; rather than finding time to squeeze in more, your goal should actually be trying to tackle less. To get the most from this article, it's important to realize you can't do it all. Focus on what you must accomplish at work and what you can reasonably do at home. Read on to discover how you can begin.