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What Causes New Baby Smell?

Everyone knows newborn babies smell amazing, but are you inhaling exactly? And what does it do to your brain?

Meet the Lawnmower Parent

They mow down any and every obstacle and discomfort their child could possibly face in an effort to protect them from hardship. But are they really setting them up for failure?

How to Talk to Your Teen About Sexting

The number of teens sexting in the U.S. is on the rise, despite it being a serious crime. How do parents make sure their kids don't end up on the wrong side of the law?

Should Teens Work Part Time While in School?

Many teens want to work to earn extra cash, but could a part-time job during school have a negative effect?

How Free-Range Parenting Works

What's so wrong with letting your kids walk home from school by themselves? Free-range parents hope to make their children happier and more resilient by allowing them to explore on their own. But not everyone agrees with this style of parenting.

Why Adults Adopt Each Other

Although we associate adoption mainly with children, there are many good reasons why one adult may adopt another. There are also some fraudulent ones too.

This App Can Explain What Your Baby's Cries Mean

An app developed by a UCLA scientist and mother was originally designed for deaf parents, but hearing parents can benefit too.

Baby Bust? U.S. Birth Rate Is Lowest Since 1976

The U.S. birth rate has plummeted since 1976. Is this a trend we should be worried about?

What's Wrong with Gender Reveal Parties?

Gender reveal parties are fun, but they may also reinforce stereotypes.

Startling Number of Teens Cyberbully Themselves

Among the tragic cases of teens being cyberbullied, there is a sad subgroup of teens who cyberbully themselves.

Men Tend to Relax More, Do Less, When Not Caring for the Kids

A first-of-its-kind study out of The Ohio State University found that new dads don't necessarily pull their weight when it comes to child care and housework.

Can Your Name Predict the Kind of Life You'll Lead?

This BrainStuff video explains nominative determinism, the phenomenon that the name a person is given may have a significant impact on the path of their life.

Could Too Much Screen Time Mean Obesity or Cancer?

You can add exposure to artificial light to the long list of factors that may affect your body mass index — and maybe even cause cancer.

Why More Companies Are Offering Paternity Leave — and Men Feel Freer to Take It

In the U.S., few companies offered parental leave for fathers — and men often felt a stigma if they took it. But the millennial generation is changing that.

10 Forts to Build With Kids

Every kid dreams of having the ultimate play fort. Here are 10 you can build for your child to make those dreams come true.

Are stay-at-home moms more depressed?

It's no surprise that a 2012 Gallup study found stay-at-home moms nothing like June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver." There were some eye-opening facts discovered about the mental state of full-time caregivers compared to their working counterparts.

Kids Crafts That Make Great Gifts

These easy-to-craft gifts are beautiful, useful, and full of heart.

5 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Keep the kids busy on rainy days, long car trips, or at the park with these easy scavenger hunt ideas.

Edible Crafts: Tasty After-School Activities

Turn snacktime into a creativity-boosting enterprise with these good-enough-to-eat crafts.

Can scented jewelry help you relax?

Bring your favorite aromatherapy scents with you wherever you go by using scented jewelry.

5 Relaxation Tips for Pregnant Moms

Relax your body and your mind during pregnancy with these simple methods.

5 Tips for the Stay-at-Home Mom Transition

Ready to trade your full-time job for full-time parenting? Here's what you need to know first.

Beyond Macaroni Necklaces: Fun Craft Projects for Kids

Think outside the box with these creative crafts for kids.

Can Scented Pillow Inserts Help You Sleep Better?

If you've never tried scented pillow inserts, you may be missing out on a better night's sleep.

How to Maximize Your Limited 'Me' Time

Make sure your 'me' time is stress-free, relaxing and productive.