10 Cool Father-Son Activities

father reading a book to young son
Engaging in meaningful father-son activities promotes a boy's confidence. Nancy Brown/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Fathers may affectionately refer to their sons as the "apples of their eye" or "chips off the old block." Indeed, fathers are often the primary leaders for showing boys how to grow into well-rounded, successful men. Yet being an effective guide requires time and effort. In this modern world of computers and video games, it's more important than ever for dads to keep close ties with their sons, at any age.

Fathers and sons may share many common interests, which can make it easier to come up with activities that both will enjoy. At the same time, when planning a father-son afternoon, it's important to choose things that offer opportunities for communication and shared learning. Cater to a son's interests while keeping in mind the skills you can impart. Engaging in meaningful father-son activities can go a long way to promote a boy's self-confidence and character development.