The Fashion Channel explores fashion trends, personal style and wardrobe ideas. See how you can improve your style.

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Worshipping celebrities isn't just about loving the movies or shows they appear in. We often find ourselves following what they're wearing off-screen as well.

We can all learn a thing or two from the stylish Duchess of Cambridge. Here are some of the greatest fashion feats -- and fumbles -- from Kate Middleton's look book.

Let's face it: Not many of us sport the same body we did 10 years ago, so why are we still wearing the same style? It's time to change it up and get real.

Katy Perry has had some major hits and some major misses, but you can't say she's afraid to take a risk. And the payoff can be major!

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Think jeans are the only acceptable clothes made from denim? Think again. Jumpsuits, dresses, tunics, long skirts, suits, espadrilles, you name it -- it's all denim, all the time.

By mixing the best of Fall 2011's trends with a few wardrobe basics, finding your perfect back-to-school look(s) is one thing you won't have to worry about.

This fall, there's no shortage of new styles for your teen to try. Whether it's bold colors, graphic prints or faux fur, he or she will be ready to rule the school runway.

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Every year, trends change based on what major designers deem to be "in" at the moment. Some of these are wearable in the real world, and some are just ridiculous. Here are our picks for the best trends of 2011.

Knowledge of trends that might pop up in 2200 is tough to come by, but one excellent source is sci-fi. After all, they were right about digital ink, supercomputers and robots! So roll up your side buns as we take a tour of future fashions.

From teens in cocky hats to working women with surprisingly large disposable incomes, fictional television characters have made history with their styles. So who are 10 of the biggest TV trendsetters?

Men loved her, and women wanted to be her -- or at least look like her. And with good reason. Marilyn Monroe was sexy without being trashy, and she remains a fashion icon nearly 50 years after her death. Check out these fashion cues that we all can take from this legendary beauty.

Her pillbox hat and big sunglasses made her a style icon. OK, so her beauty and poise helped, too. Besides copying Jackie Kennedy's style outright, what other cues can we take from this fashionable first lady?

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