Denim Fit and Find Guide for Inverted Triangle

The girl on the right is rolling her pant legs up for her canyon hike -- but when she celebrates her accomplishment with a night on the town, she'll want to switch to her flared dark jeans.
The girl on the right is rolling her pant legs up for her canyon hike -- but when she celebrates her accomplishment with a night on the town, she'll want to switch to her flared, dark jeans.
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There's a reason why jeans remain a fashion staple, as well as a part of the American culture -- the right pair will make anyone look and feel long, lean and ready for the world. But there's a method to choosing the right jeans for your body, and jeans that look adorable on the rack may not be flattering once you put them on. Knowing your body and how to find the right pair of jeans for you will make the difference between wearing your jeans and rocking your jeans.

Fashion experts divide women's figures into specific body types. These types have geometric names such as "diamond-shaped," "rectangular" and "full-rounded," as well as names that compare them to common objects, like a pear or an hourglass. The inverted triangle is one of these body types, and it features broad shoulders and smaller hips. Each body type has its own special requirements for garments to help achieve the well-proportioned look that people yearn for. The cut of a jean, as well as the style and use of features like pockets, embellishments or wash, can make denim an asset or a liability to your wardrobe.


When you're deciding which jeans are right for you, you need to know what your goals are. For inverted triangle body types, the goals are usually to add volume around the hips and rear end, minimize the shoulders, and define the waist. Once you know what you're asking of your jeans, you need to know what characteristics will help you get there. Once you've found the perfect pair of jeans, a confident strut will just come naturally.

Pocket or no pocket? Boot cut or skinny? Read on to learn what types of jeans are best for the inverted triangle.


Strategies for Finding the Right Jeans

The inverted triangle describes a body type with broad shoulders, narrow hips and a straight waist. While this shape is popular for gracing fashion runways, it's the least common body type in women, which can make it a little challenging to find just the right jeans. It's well worth the effort, though -- a pair of jeans that hugs your curves in all the right places will make you feel like you're ready for the catwalk yourself.

So what, exactly, should the perfect jeans do for your body? First of all, they should accentuate those petite hips and slender legs. They should also add definition to your waist and create a fuller look for your rear end. For inverted triangles, it's not about hiding what you have -- it's about making the most of your natural assets. The right jeans will have features to help you do just that.


Pockets are one tool in your beauty arsenal. Medium-sized patch pockets that are placed on the largest part of the derriere will create more fullness. Side pockets can help accentuate your hips, and cargo-style pockets work well for the inverted triangle shape, too.

Embellishments and washes in just the right spots can create a more curvy appearance, as well. A lighter wash down the center of the front and back of the thigh will add fullness to slim legs, and pocket embellishments will do the same for your backside.

The cut of the jeans is very important for showing off your shape. Jeans that are mildly tapered to the knee and then have a slight flare at the bottom can give you more of an hourglass shape. Jeans with a rear yoke (the section of fabric below the waistband) will accentuate your bottom, and jeans with a low rise and a contoured waistline highlight your hips and define your waist.

So, you've picked out a pair of jeans, and it's time to try them on. What should you look for in the dressing-room mirror? Read on to learn about buying the right pair of jeans.


Buying the Right Jeans

Once you know what to look for, try on as many pairs of jeans as you can.
Once you know what to look for, try on as many pairs of jeans as you can.
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When you're in the dressing room trying on a pair of jeans, the first thing to look for is the fit. A relaxed fit (that's not baggy) is flattering for most women. It's more comfortable than other fits, as well -- while some ladies like painted-on jeans, it's hard to work the room with confidence when you can barely breathe. You should make sure that the jeans fit you just right in the areas where you're largest, because you can always have the other areas taken in.

Watch for things that may not be flattering for an inverted triangle body type. Jeans with no pockets or large rear pockets will make your tush look less shapely. Dark, solid-colored jeans will make your hips look smaller, and standard, straight-legged jeans will make your waistline less defined. Jeans with really small waistbands are not flattering for inverted triangles, either.


Now, look at your shape in the mirror, and check those crucial areas. Does your waist seem cinched in compared to your hips and thighs? Do the rear pockets accentuate your booty? If not, it's time to try another pair.

Making that trip to the dressing room is essential when you're buying a brand or style of jeans you haven't had before. Don't be afraid to try on as many pairs as you need to before you find the right one. Don't worry -- you won't be the first customer to spend lots of time in the dressing room, so the salespeople are used to it. Once you've found a brand and style of jeans that's right for you, you can check online for bargains and the convenience of delivery. But make sure you invest the time and effort in the beginning -- it'll pay off when you stroll into the party and catch every eye in the room.


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