5 Things Parents Should Do Before a Son Gets Married

Before he says "I do," you've got a few things to do.
Before he says "I do," you've got a few things to do.
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Boys are generally a lot of trouble, but after all the scraped knees, fistfights and missed curfews, there's a huge bonus for parents of male children: You don't have to pay for their weddings!

However, that doesn't mean there's nothing for you to do before your son gets hitched. Your list of chores and expenditures is going to be much different from the bride's parents, and your big to-dos won't involve caterers, florists or wedding dresses. That doesn't mean every decision and conversation is going to be easy. You'll need to come to terms with your true feelings about your boy's bride, assess your financial situation and maybe even make plans for a future vacation to recover from the stress!

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