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Wedding Cakes

There's a cake for every taste. These articles can help you find just the cake to suit your palate -- and your wallet.

Ultimate Guide to Fake Wedding Cakes

If you can't see forking over $5,000 for a wedding cake, you might be happier with a fake one. In the wedding industry, "fake" isn't a dirty word: It's code for "less expensive."

Do You Dare? DIY Wedding Cakes

Would you dare to make your own wedding cake? Learn all about diy wedding cakes in this article. See more »

Wedding Cake Pictures from The Knot

These wedding cake photos are sure to give you ideas for your own celebration. Get inspired with wedding cake photos from HowStuffWorks. See more »

Showstopping Wedding Cakes

These wedding cake pictures are sure to tickle your palate -- and your imagination. Get ideas from pictures of showstopping wedding cakes. See more »

10 Strange and Unique Wedding Cakes

These 10 strange and unusual wedding cakes may not be your cup of tea, but may nonetheless inspire you. Take a look at 10 strange and unusual wedding cakes. See more »

Ultimate Guide to Fake Wedding Cakes

Can you really rent a fake wedding cake? Read more about fake wedding cakes in this guide from TLC Weddings. See more »

10 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

These 10 wedding cake alternatives are a good choice if you can't afford or simply don't want a wedding cake. Check out 10 alternatives to wedding cakes. See more »