Tweens and Teens

Adolescence can be a tricky time, both for parents struggling to understand their children’s issues and for teens and tweens attempting to forge their new identities. Learn how to understand your teenagers in these articles.


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Your teen is wearing inappropriate clothes, how do you talk about this?

The teen years may be full of surprises for parents, as teens try out new behavior and try to assert their independence. Learn how to talk about inappropriate dress with your teen in this article.

Your teenager is already stressing about college, what do you do?

Facing life after high school is a potential stressor for some teens. Learn what to do if your teen is already stressing about high school in this article.

Should chores change as teens get older?

The older teenagers are, the more they are capable of doing complex chores. Learn about whether chores should change as teens get older from this article.

Should you only feed your teen organic food?

Organic food has become very popular, and there are many claims as to the health benefits of eating organic and the positive effects of this on the environment. Learn if you should only feed your teen organic food in this article.

Should your teen contribute to the family income?

Many teens like to earn money their own money. Learn about whether your teen should contribute to the family income in this article.

Should your teen get an internship?

Internships are usually unpaid jobs that offer an opportunity to work in a specific field of interest. Learn if your teen should get an internship in this article.

Is adolescence considered a growth spurt?

Teen boys and girls grow differently. Learn about adolescent growth spurts in this article.

How should you decide allowance for your teen?

Most teens will benefit from having some money to call their own. Learn about setting your teen's allowance in this article.

How should you talk to your teen about drinking and driving?

Share statistics and your concerns with your teens, get an older teen to talk with them and set a good example. Learn how to talk to your teen about drinking and driving from this article.

How should parents deal with teen sibling rivalry?

Teens need to learn to resolve arguments. Learn how parents should deal with teen sibling rivalry in this article.

How many hours of TV are too much for a teen?

More than two hours of TV a day puts your teenager at a higher risk for undesirable consequences. Learn how many hours of TV are too much for a teen from this article.

How should you deal with your teenagers' rivalry?

Sibling rivalry can be frustrating for parents, and it's expressed differently within each age group. Learn how you should deal with your teenagers' rivalry in this article.

How do you set limits on driving for your teen?

Teens are usually more excited than skilled, experienced drivers. Learn how to set limits on your teen's driving in this article.

What is teen obesity?

Teen obesity leads to both physical and emotional challenges. Learn about teen obesity in this article.

10 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Smoking

The health risks of smoking are well-known: decreased lung capacity, cancer and premature death. But every day, thousands of young people decide to give cigarettes a try. So, what do you do to keep your child from taking up the habit? It's important to talk about it -- we'll tell you how.

What's the best way to keep your kids from trying cigarettes?

You definitely don't want your kids to smoke, and you doubt they will. But, while many parents share this optimism, 400,000 youth become daily smokers each year in the United States according to the Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids. Here's how to avoid contributing to those numbers.

How can single fathers help girls through puberty?

Single fathers need to make sure their daughters have all the information they need about puberty. Learn how single fathers can help girls get through puberty in this article.

How do you know if your teen is depressed?

Teens experience depression differently than adults. Learn about ways to know if your teen is depressed in this article.

How can you help your teen avoid unwanted pregnancies?

Most teen pregnancies are unintended. Preventing them is a matter of communication and education. Learn how you can help your teen avoid unwanted pregnancies in this article.

Can a bad relationship with my teen mean a harder adolescence stage?

A bad relationship with your teen could mean more acting out. Learn whether a bad relationship with your teen can mean a harder adolescence stage from this article.

Can depression be caused by adolescence?

Adolescent depression is a common and recognized condition. Learn whether depression can be caused by adolescence from this article.

Can your relationship with your teen change during adolescence?

Our young children depend on us and need us, and so do our teens, but in a different way. Find out how your relationship with your teen can change during adolescence in this article.

Are there such things as online jobs for teens?

Teens look for summer jobs and part-time jobs during the school year to earn extra money. Learn if there are such things as online jobs for teens in this article.

Are boys now reaching puberty at an earlier age?

Studies show that girls are starting puberty at an earlier age. Learn if boys are also reaching puberty at an early age from this article.

What kind of drugs are teenagers using in 2011?

The variety of drugs used by teens can be wide. Learn about the drugs used by teenagers in 2011 in this article.