How do you help your teen academically?

By: Contributors

The changes that teens go through aren't just physical. The stressors faced by teens include social pressure and living up to personal expectations. Teenagers may often feel inadequate and their self-esteem may suffer. The process of developing their identity may cause a lack of confidence for some teens, as well as a feeling of isolation and insecurity. Lack of confidence can manifest itself in different ways, and it may affect teens both socially and academically.

Teenagers need their parents' help to bring out the best in them, and a supportive environment is important to help them succeed. Teens who are good at school but want to be more popular, may succumb to peer pressure in their social behavior, and that may have a negative effect on their academic achievements. The world of teens is bombarded and influenced by so many things, and friends and the media have a great influence. The steps parents take in the home environment and the support and guidance they give make a difference when it comes to important life choices and academic achievements.


Education should be a priority at home. Parental involvement is important; be aware of your teen's studies, difficulties and progress. Help your teenagers academically by helping them choose courses that will advance them and help them succeed. Good study habits are important, and parents can help their teens by setting rules for study times to eliminate distractions. Parents who are involved in their teens' school work can help them develop good organizational and time-management skills. Stress the importance of learning how to study, and not just doing homework to finish an assignment. Parents on the lookout for signs of frustration can help their teens by giving them the confidence and praise they need to succeed.