Tweens and Teens

Adolescence can be a tricky time, both for parents struggling to understand their children’s issues and for teens and tweens attempting to forge their new identities. Learn how to understand your teenagers in these articles.

Increased media exposure can alter boys' expectations of what they should look like. Learn about whether boys can have body image issues in this article.

Texting is a source of communication for teens, but it does carry risks. Learn if texting can keep teens from sleeping in this article.

Teens watch a lot of television, and many TV shows have sexual content, whether in dialogue or action scenes. Learn if current shows make teen pregnancy appealing in this article.

Teens yearn for independence. Learn about whether a teen can be financially independent in this article.

Make sure your teen gets active at school. Learn how to help your teen adjust to a new school in this article.

It's a complicated topic, but you probably have solutions for dealing with both overweight and underweight teens. Learn how to help your teen with weight issues in this article.

Model respectful behavior, speak calmly and quietly, and call the police if your teen becomes violent. Learn how to control your temper when arguing with your teen from this article.

Teens have to deal with many stressful situations during adolescence, which they are not always equipped to cope with. Learn how to deal with your teen's test-taking anxiety in this article.

Make your house a welcoming place for your teens' friends to congregate, provide refreshments, or have your teen invite a friend to come along on a family outing. Learn how to encourage positive teen friendships from this article.

Try to give teens privacy, teach them tolerance and compromise, and practice good communication techniques. Learn how to get teenage step-siblings to get along from this article.

Involve your teen in the decision-making process and set a good example of making healthy choices. Learn how to give your teen choices from this article.

Teens with confidence are more likely to resist peer pressure. Learn how to help your teen with negative peer pressure in this article.

Stealing is a common teen phenomenon. Learn how to tell if your teen is stealing in this article.

Teens spend hours socializing online, and the dangers of the Internet loom for those with lack of information, judgment or awareness. Learn how to oversee your teen's blog or social media pages in this article.

Once teens understand the editorial process, they can watch media with a more critical eye. Learn how to teach your teen media literacy in this article.

Trust is earned – it doesn't come automatically. Learn how teens deal with overprotective parents in this article.

Teens grow at different rates. Learn how to know if your teen is too skinny in this article.

The best role play lessons are specific. Learn about how to role play with your teen in this article.

The media present and promote unrealistic body types. Learn how the media affect a teen's body image in this article.

Teens face many challenges as they go through adolescence, and they don't always look ahead to what will happen beyond high school. Learn how to talk to your teen about the future in this article.

Teens need to socialize. Learn how much social time is enough for your teen in this article.

Eating disorders require professional assistance. Learn how you can deal with your teen's eating disorders in this article.

Teens look for full-time jobs during summer vacation and for part-time jobs during the school year. Learn if your teen should only work for money in this article.

Starting a little before the teen years, children's bodies start to metamorphose into adult bodies. Find out what puberty is in this article.

Puberty starts with the release of hormones that signal the beginning stages of sexual development and physical growth. Learn what types of hormones are changing during puberty in this article.