Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms can be just about anything, as long as there is monetary or sentimental value attached. As heirlooms get passed down over time, their mystique grows. In this section we'll examine everything to do with passing down heirlooms and receiving them.


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10 Most Common Heirlooms

We pass-on what we prize. So what heirlooms do we value most? Here's our Top 10.

5 Things to Do Before Passing Down an Heirloom

Deciding how to hand down sentimental treasures can be tricky business, but it doesn't have to be. How can planning ahead and talking to family make the passing down process go smoothly?

Top 5 Things People Rarely Pass Down, But Should

It's not uncommon to inherit your grandmother's pearls, but what all if you really want are all the sky miles she's accumulated -- or her sense of justice? People don't frequently will these five intangible and unusual things, but they really should!

5 Tips for Dividing Up Your Family Heirlooms

Heirlooms are intended to honor family and tradition. But there's no honor in having a family squabble over material objects after the death of a loved one. Here are 5 tips aimed at preserving peace and the family legacy.

5 Wacky Family Heirlooms

"Son, someday, these mummified remains will be yours." It's not something you hear every day. Most people end up with Grandpa's pocket watch, a set of china or a ruby brooch from the roaring '20s. What are five of the strangest family heirlooms?

5 Ways to Reset Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry has character and style, but it's also, well, old. Here are some ways to update a well-worn piece while preserving its charm.

How to Care For Antique Books

If you're a reader, or if you just like books, there's money and a treasure trove of historical significance in old tomes. But how do you keep them in top condition?

How to Care For Home Movies

When you stumble across a treasure trove of old home movies, your first instinct might be to watch them right away -- or have them converted immediately into DVDs. But wait, you could be causing irreparable damage.

How to Designate a Family Heirloom

One man's trash is another man's heirloom, so it makes sense to put some thought into the way you split your estate. How do you decide who gets what, and how do you make sure your wishes are carried out?

How to Donate Heirlooms to a Museum

Families everywhere have heirlooms they treasure, but sometimes people decide to give a precious piece of their history to a museum. What should you do if you want a family heirloom preserved for generations to see?

How to Insure an Heirloom

Most home insurance covers buildings and contents -- that's your roof, walls, appliances and even personal possessions like electronics. But what about your heirloom emerald ring, or your grandfather's Picasso? How do you value and protect your most priceless possessions?

How to Politely Request an Item as an Heirloom

Like breaking up with someone or resigning from your job, requesting an heirloom is one of the most delicate conversations you'll ever have. How do you ask someone who's old, sick or dying for one of his or her belongings?

How to Properly Store Antique Documents

If you've got antique family papers or photos, you don't want to just leave them lying around. What's the best way to put up (or put away) all those old documents without damaging them?

How to Properly Store Really, Really Old Photos

In the age of digital photography, it's hard to think about caring for tangible photographs. Brittle old photos need to be stored properly if they're going to last, so make a commitment to preserving your family's photographic legacy. Here's how.

How to Take Care of Heirloom Furniture

Heirloom furniture has been passed down to you from a relative, perhaps through several generations of your family. That chest or sofa or armoire is something valuable, whether it's measured in sentiment or money. How do you ensure it lives a long, happy life in your home?

Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Sibling Rivalry and Family Heirlooms

Depending on the family, Mom's lace tablecloth, the one she used every Thanksgiving, is an heirloom to be lovingly treasured or fought over for years. How do you keep siblings from feuding over bequests?

What to Do If You Inherit an Old Car

You're ecstatic to discover that your late uncle bequeathed you the keys to his classic car. But you're a little less excited to find the rusting automobile propped up on cinderblocks. What do you do now?

What to Do If You Inherit an Old House

In the days of underwater mortgages and funky home financing, inheriting a house can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. But if you have emotional ties to the house, or if more than one person inherits, what do you do?