10 Tips for Handling Tantrums on Vacation

Image Gallery: Parenting An otherwise fun family vacation can be unsettled by a sudden tantrum. See more parenting pictures.

Even the most seasoned jetsetters can shudder at the thought of travelling with a toddler -- on the cramped airplane, waiting for luggage, waiting to check in, during the 30-minute stop for mommy and daddy to check out the museum on the way to six hours at Disneyland.

Any situation involving confinement, limited food options, strange schedules or the slightest hint of waiting can trigger a screaming, foot-stamping fit in an otherwise delightful child. But it's not a comment on parenting ability. Sure, if your 8-year-old is throwing tantrums, you may have a problem; if your 2-year-old is throwing tantrums, you may have a 2-year-old.

Vacationing with kids can be real fun, but it can also be really trying. Here are 10 ways to head off, deal with and recover from the inevitable vacation tantrum.

Up first, an ounce of prevention…