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Wedding Photography

Aside from saying the vows, the photography might be the most important part of any wedding. Read up on how to capture the big day.

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Over time, those I-remember-it-like-it-was-yesterday memories of your wedding will fade. And you'll console yourself by looking at uninspired group shots of your bridal party? No, thanks! Get the best photog in town with our savvy interview questions.

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

These 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer will help you find a photographer you can work with. Find out 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer. See more »

Wedding Registry Basics

A registry will make it easier for friends and family to buy wedding gifts. Consider this your crash course in wedding registry basics -- in pictures. See more »

Unforgettable Wedding Reception Venues

Different wedding reception venues each have their own appeal. Check out pictures of unforgettable wedding reception venues at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Should you go with infrared photography for your wedding?

Should you go with infrared photography for your wedding? Learn about the details of infrared wedding photography. See more »

Wedding Flowers Inspiration

Need some wedding flowers inspiration? Check out these pictures of wedding flowers to help plan your own celebration. See more »

10 Picture-Perfect Wedding Poses and Candids

These 10 picture-perfect wedding poses and candids will give you some ideas for your wedding photo album. Check out wedding poses and candids. See more »

Wedding Videography 101

Wedding Videography 101 is just the thing you need if you're thinking about capturing your wedding on video. Learn more in Wedding Videography 101. See more »

Wedding Gown Pictures

These wedding gown pictures show you the options in shape, cut and fabric. So many choices! Get a sense of your options with these wedding gown pictures. See more »