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Wedding Music

Organ or string quartet? Upbeat jams or mellow melodies? So many choices! Sort out your wedding music with help from these articles.

10 First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

It's your first dance together as husband and wife, so what song should you dance to? You can't go wrong with a tune from this list.

10 Dead Giveaways You've Hired a Dud DJ

The DJ can make or break your wedding reception. Identify bad candidates by learning 10 dead giveaways you've hired a dud DJ. See more »

Here Comes the Bride ... to U2?

What's the perfect wedding entrance music? If you don't like 'Here Comes the Bride', there's no reason not to enjoy your favorite song as you walk the aisle! See more »

10 Songs for the Modern Bride's Ceremony

Looking for wedding songs to add a touch of sophistication and whimsy to your service? Check out 10 songs for the modern bride's ceremony at TLC Weddings. See more »

10 Mother-son Dance Songs for Your Wedding

These 10 mother-son dance songs for your wedding are perfect for celebrating that special bond. Check out 10 perfect songs for the mother-son dance. See more »

10 Songs We Beg You Not to Play at Your Wedding

These 10 songs we beg you not to pay at your wedding simply don't fit the occasion. Check out 10 bad weddings songs to avoid during your celebration. See more »

10 First Dance Songs for Your Wedding

These 10 first dance songs for your wedding are perfect ways to kick off your marriage. Read about 10 classic first dance wedding songs. See more »

10 Classic Father-daughter Dance Songs

These 10 classic father-daughter dance songs work well with even the most formal or casual weddings. Check out 10 classic father-daughter wedding dance songs. See more »