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Some brides have traditional tastes, some prefer to go wild. Learn all about wedding style and formal wear in these articles.

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Unique and Unexpected Bridal Style Photos

Take a look at this photo album to see all of our style suggestions for the unique and unexpected style bride!

Makeup Guide for the Mature Bride

Every bride wants to look stunning on their wedding day. Mature brides, women aged 40 and up, may need some extra attention when it comes to applying flawless yet age-appropriate makeup.

Formal Makeup Looks for Nighttime Nuptials

If you think you can wear the same makeup to your nighttime nuptials as you would to work, think again. Here are some makeup ideas for night weddings.

Should you shave your eyebrows before your wedding?

Shaving your eyebrows before the wedding sounds insane, but it may actually be safer than waxing or threading. Is this a good idea right before your vows?

Beauty Boot Camp for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids know they're there to help out the bride, but bridesmaids have a few things on their to-do lists as well. One of the most important is looking good on the big day. Here's a guide to get you on track.

Should you really splurge on a wedding hair trial?

Another unforeseen wedding expense? Find out why you really should have a hair trial – and why this might not cost you anything extra.

Let Beauty Bond the Bridal Party – Our Best Tips!

Find out how shared beauty rituals can bring your bridal party closer together and how to balance the cost.

No Such Thing as the Au Naturel Bride

It's tough to look radiant on your wedding day if you're hiding behind a thick mask of makeup. Of course, going au naturel doesn't mean skipping the makeup altogether; instead, use just enough to create a photo-ready look.

A wig on your wedding day?

One of the easiest ways to ensure picture-perfect hair on your wedding day is to wear a picture-perfect wig. But should you go with synthetic or human hair?

Bridal Beauty Timeline: 12 Months to Shiny, Healthy Hair

Lovely wedding-day locks can't be achieved in one day. It'll take a year of pampering to make your hair look its absolute best!

Hair Extensions to Elevate Your Bridal Look

Need some height for your wedding day 'do? Consider hair extensions. They can add volume and length to your locks.

Fake vs. For Real: The Bridal Lash Debate

True or False? What's it going to be on your wedding day? We're talking about eyelashes, of course!

Bridal Beauty Timeline: 12 Months to the Wedding Body You Want

You've got the groom-to-be and the bridal magazines. The hot bod? Hmm...not so much. Learn how to get the best possible wedding body in 12 months or less.

Wax WHAT Before My Wedding?!

The weeks leading up to a bride's big day are bustling with details, from seating arrangements to hairstyle run-throughs, and one other essential element: hot-wax hair removal.

Do your bridesmaids need matching hairstyles?

Matching hair for bridesmaids? Back in the day, the answer to this question would have been "of course!" But times, they are a-changin.'

A Bride's Guide to Taking Down Her Wedding Updo

It was a good thing your updo stayed put all day, but now that you're facing a small army of bobby pins and hair products, you'll need a plan of attack.

Bridal Beauty Timeline: 12 Months to Gorgeous Skin

Use the months during your engagement to whip your pores into tip-top shape, no matter what the present-day condition of your complexion may be.

Wedding Nail Fashion for Bridesmaids

No bride wants to be caught red-handed with dry, brittle nails, and neither do your bridesmaids! Your wedding party deserves nails that are just as fashionable and stunning as your own.

Prewedding Pampering Ideas

Did you throw a temper tantrum in front of the wedding planner? Chill out, bridezilla! Put yourself in time-out at the day spa and pamper yourself back to the sweet, good-natured bride you really are.

Beat the Bloat, Blah and Discoloration: 10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid Pre-Wedding

Are those nervous butterflies in your stomach, or is it the sensation of intestinal gas? Be wary of these foods and drinks if you want to look and feel your best the day you say "I do."

Wedding Day Prep: Airbrushing

Every bride wants a flawless face throughout her big day. Airbrushed makeup is becoming a popular technique to ensure a radiant and long lasting wedding look.

Wedding Style: The Most Flattering Type of Base for Your Complexion

Achieving a gorgeous wedding day glow begins with choosing the right foundation. Which should you choose for your skin?

Wedding Nail Fashion for the Bride

Perfectly polished and ready to shine: Let your wedding day nails make a statement all on their own.

10 Makeup No-nos for Daytime Brides

Daytime brides sometimes have to play by a different set of wedding day rules. Check out this article to make sure all of your bridal beauty bases are covered.

10 Easy Ways to Wipe Off Wedding Makeup Before Your Wedding Night

Maintain your blissful glow the morning after your wedding night and beyond! One of these makeup removers is bound to fit your lifestyle and budget.