10 Slimming Snacks and Meals for Your Wedding Diet

How many brides say they'll lose 10 or 20 pounds before the big day?
How many brides say they'll lose 10 or 20 pounds before the big day?
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As you probably know by now, the initial bliss of engagement is quickly followed by a desire to attain that specific level of thinness and perfection known only to red-carpet celebrities with on-staff personal trainers and chefs. After all, you want to look your absolute best when you stand up on your wedding day in front of everyone you know.

Before you embark on the celery and mineral water diet, take an honest look at your intentions and goals. If you're aching to drop multiple dress sizes in a short amount of time, think again. Crash diets and yo-yo diets (where you resort to extreme measures to lose a bunch of weight and then usually gain it back, plus a few extra pounds) are terrible for your overall health. Despite this undeniable truth, many brides resort to extreme dieting tactics, like popping weight-loss pills or skipping meals. Sure, you might fit into your wedding gown or your high school bikini, but at what a cost?

Take this opportunity to lay the groundwork for a long-lasting marriage by adopting healthy habits for you and your groom. Use our list of 10 nutritious meal and snack choices to increase your health and overall quality of life -- for your wedding day and for your happily ever after.