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Some brides have traditional tastes, some prefer to go wild. Learn all about wedding style and formal wear in these articles.

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Wedding Nail Fashion for the Bride

Perfectly polished and ready to shine: Let your wedding day nails make a statement all on their own.

10 Bridal Beauty Sins

Don't risk having these sins documented in wedding photos until the end of time. You'll never forgive yourself!

10 Makeup No-nos for Daytime Brides

Daytime brides sometimes have to play by a different set of wedding day rules. Check out this article to make sure all of your bridal beauty bases are covered.

10 Easy Ways to Wipe Off Wedding Makeup Before Your Wedding Night

Maintain your blissful glow the morning after your wedding night and beyond! One of these makeup removers is bound to fit your lifestyle and budget.

10 Beauty Tips for Your Best Bridal Portrait

Never underestimate the importance of the right hair and makeup. These beauty tips will ensure your bridal portrait is a smashing success.

How much should your spend on your wedding hairstyle?

Don't overpay for a wedding hairdo! Shop around, take a few notes, and you're sure to find a stylist with a price tag that's right for you.

10 Most Gorgeous Celeb Brides

Dripping in diamonds and covered in yards of ivory chiffon and silk organza, here are 10 gorgeous celebrity brides that stand out among the rest.

5 Spa Treatments to Skip on Your Honeymoon

Every bride wants to get pampered after planning a wedding. But you should think twice before scheduling these spa treatments.

Your Total Wedding Look, from Dress and Beauty to Bouquet and Accessories

For a winning look from head to toe, check out our tips on how to coordinate everything from your dream dress to the bouquet you'll toss at the end of the night.

5 Beach Wedding Beauty Ideas

If you're having a beach wedding, you want your hair to look lavish, your skin to be glowing and your dress to look perfect despite the heat and humidity. But how do you get there?

10 Beauty Trends That'll Date Your Wedding Photos

Sure, you want to have a stylish wedding, but there's a difference between chic and dated looks. No bride wants wedding photos that her grandkids will mock in 50 years, but how can you tell which styles will still be fashionable decades from now?

10 Classic Wedding Beauty Ideas

Your wedding day will be one of the biggest in your life -- so you need to look good! Here are 10 tips to have you in tip-top shape to say your "I dos."

5 Beauty Bag Essentials for Your Destination Wedding

You're far from home; you don't speak the local language, you're extremely stressed, and, oh yeah, you're getting married. So, besides a travel dictionary and some lipstick, what emergency supplies do you really need?

5 Tips for Choosing Makeup Colors for Your Wedding

Your wedding makeup is just as important as your flowers and gown -- after all, what good is the perfect dress if your face isn't glowing -- but it often doesn't get the thought or credit it deserves.

5 Tips to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

From beauty advice to how to master the poses that will slim your figure, these tips will help you look your best in your wedding photos.

5 Wedding Beauty Treatments to Leave to the Pros

Don't take a chance on botching any at-home beauty treatments before the big day -- sometimes it's better to consult a professional, especially when it comes to your wedding!

Bridal Beauty Budgeting 101

The average bride shells out at least $200 for makeup and hairstyling. Instead of going for broke with your bridal beauty routine, try these wedding day hair and makeup tips that will leave you looking beautiful without breaking the bank.

Wedding Beauty Checklist

In the midst of pre-wedding chaos, don't forget to take some time to beautify yourself -- inside and out. Here's how you can achieve a blissful wedding day glow.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes are an important part of your big day -- even if no one sees them under your dress. We'll tell you how to find the perfect pair.

5 Country Wedding Beauty Ideas

Hurray -- you're getting married! But if you're having a country wedding, looking your best in the great outdoors may be a challenge. Use nature to inspire your country wedding details, color palette and beauty regimen.

10 Wedding Hairstyles that Beat Heat and Humidity

On your wedding day, not only do you want the perfect dress, shoes and accessories but you want the perfect hairstyle, too! If you're having a summer wedding, you'll need some special tactics to keep your mane under control.

10 Summer Wedding Trends for Modern Brides

Rustic is big this year; so is local, green and nature-inspired. What are 10 of the biggest wedding trends to incorporate into your summer ceremony?

Why do brides wear white?

As the song says, "Here comes the bride, all dressed in white." But why? Sure, there's a tradition attached to it as with so many other wedding customs. Sometimes, however, traditions were made to be broken.

How much does it cost to be a bridesmaid?

Even if you're never a bride yourself, you can absolutely count on being a bridesmaid. These days, that role can be expensive. We'll try to prepare you and your purse.

The Ultimate Bridesmaid Dress Manual

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids consultants Krystle and Courtney know what it takes to make a bridesmaid look her best. Any girl who walks down the aisle deserves to feel beautiful -- and that includes bridesmaids! Here's what they want you to know about your bridesmaid dress.