Wedding Diet & Exercise Plans

Does looking great for the wedding require a lot of hassle and self-deprivation? Not necessarily. Learn how to look great with these wedding diet and exercise plans.

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Something about living with a new husband seems to bring on the "married 15" -- an extra 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) of weight gain. Maybe it's cooking those larger meals for two or slacking off on exercising in favor of spending time together. We've got some strategies to help you avoid this.

By Laurie L. Dove

After the champagne toast on your engagement eve, you started dieting like a madwoman. You cut out alcohol, dessert and your beloved Sunday brunches. Whoa, bride! Don't sacrifice everything you love to eat. Here's why.

By Alia Hoyt

The wedding day is coming up fast and you still have 10 pounds to lose to fit into your dress. Could a diet featuring meal replacement shakes be the answer? You might be surprised.

By Laurie L. Dove


Every bride wants to look and feel picture-perfect on her wedding day. For some brides, that means setting a weight-loss goal. Dieting during the stressful period of wedding planning can be tough. Here's how to diet happily and successfully.

By Alia Hoyt

Your maid of honor loves you dearly, and we promise she's not trying to sabotage your wedding diet on purpose. But in assembling a traditional bridal shower buffet of savory and sweet dainties, she's unknowingly about to undo weeks' worth of your hard work.

By Chris Obenschain

Brides who want to slim down and tone up before their wedding day need effective exercises designed to target specific areas. We've got 10 of the best moves for shoulders, waists and a killer bottom half.

By Jessica Willis

You want to be the picture of health on your wedding day. That means glowing skin, plenty of energy and a slim figure. Deprivation diets aren't the way to achieve that. Start eating healthfully now, and you'll feel as fabulous as you look!

By Alia Hoyt