5 Wedding Dress Silhouettes and Fabrics for Plus-size Brides

Image Gallery: Plus-size Brides This lightweight A-line gown is perfect for an outdoor warm-weather wedding.
Phoebe Topham/Getty Images

Shopping for a plus-size wedding dress is rough. The standard size 10 sample dresses in bridal salons can be a pain (or impossible) to try on, and how can you know if a dress is going to look good before you see yourself in it? Before you resign yourself to a lackluster gown, consider this: The silhouette can mean everything for a dress. There are plenty of silhouettes that, when done right, flatter and complement a more curvaceous body. So don't worry about the size on the tag, and don't head straight for a rack of ball gowns big enough to swallow you up -- we've got five dress silhouettes and corresponding fabrics that work for your body type.