10 Makeup No-nos for Daytime Brides

Keep your makeup simple for a daytime affair.
Keep your makeup simple for a daytime affair.

We're just going to be honest and tell it like it is: Don't be the bride who arrives to her daytime wedding in heavy, dramatic makeup -- all eyes will be on you, but in the wrong way. Weddings that take place during the day are generally more casual compared to evening affairs, and your makeup should follow suit. However, this doesn't mean you can't make a statement! Simply make a conscious effort to choose cosmetics that will naturally enhance your facial features -- after all, makeup shouldn't be the focus of your wedding day ensemble.

Some daytime wedding venues can be tough on your skin and makeup -- notably, those venues where vows are exchanged outdoors. While a daytime wedding could mean altering your standard beauty regimen just a bit, it's nothing the informed and well-prepared bride can't handle! So rest easy -- there are plenty of beauty products and cosmetics available that will make you feel confident that your wedding day look is picture-perfect, no matter what time of day it is. To ensure that all of your bridal beauty bases are covered, here are 10 makeup no-nos for daytime brides.

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