10 Makeup No-nos for Daytime Brides

daytime wedding
Keep your makeup simple for a daytime affair.

We're just going to be honest and tell it like it is: Don't be the bride who arrives to her daytime wedding in heavy, dramatic makeup -- all eyes will be on you, but in the wrong way. Weddings that take place during the day are generally more casual compared to evening affairs, and your makeup should follow suit. However, this doesn't mean you can't make a statement! Simply make a conscious effort to choose cosmetics that will naturally enhance your facial features -- after all, makeup shouldn't be the focus of your wedding day ensemble.

Some daytime wedding venues can be tough on your skin and makeup -- notably, those venues where vows are exchanged outdoors. While a daytime wedding could mean altering your standard beauty regimen just a bit, it's nothing the informed and well-prepared bride can't handle! So rest easy -- there are plenty of beauty products and cosmetics available that will make you feel confident that your wedding day look is picture-perfect, no matter what time of day it is. To ensure that all of your bridal beauty bases are covered, here are 10 makeup no-nos for daytime brides.


10: Going Au Naturel

Even a natural beauty should try to enhance her features with a little makeup on her wedding day! Don't arrive to the ceremony stripped of beauty basics: foundation, blush, eye makeup and lipstick. Your lips, eyes and cheekbones will look even prettier when they're highlighted with the right cosmetics -- especially in front of the camera lens. Wear shades that complement your skin tone, and opt for a subtle application -- steer clear of makeup that's too dramatic or heavy.


9: Nixing a Concealer

When you have a blemish, it can feel like a big, red bull's-eye on your face -- everyone seems to be staring at it, especially when you don't have any nighttime shadows to hide behind. Wedding-related stress may get the best of you, and if it does, use concealer to hide any pesky blemishes that appear. It's important to test various concealers in advance of your wedding day to find one that matches your skin tone; choosing the wrong color will only draw more attention to the problem area.


8: Wearing Dramatic Eye Shadow

Keep it simple with a pale pink eye shadow for a daytime wedding.

Since daytime weddings are usually more casual than evening affairs, your makeup should reflect that. It may be tempting to wear the latest bridal eye makeup trend, but don't show up to the altar wearing a smoky eye! Instead, choose a color palette that's a little more low-key to showcase your eye color. For a natural look, spread a pale pink or cream eye shadow over your lids, and then add a slightly darker shade in the crease to make eyes pop.


7: Caking on the Foundation

You want to make sure your makeup stays put until the very last dance of the afternoon, but that doesn't mean you need to cover your face with more makeup than usual. Applying too much foundation can take a toll on your skin. The pores on your face need to breathe, and a thick layer of makeup could clog pores and lead to breakouts. Long-lasting foundations work, but some brands could leave your face feeling dry by the end of the day. Mineral foundation is lightweight, blends well with most skin tones, and works well in dry, humid environments, so it's a great foundation choice for daytime brides. Finally, consider selecting a sweat-proof foundation or mineral powder, especially if you're tying the knot during the warmer months of the year.


6: Choosing Clear Gloss over Lipstick

Lipstick will accent your lips better than a clear gloss.

Sure, clear gloss will keep your lips shiny and inviting until your first kiss as man and wife, but take our advice and choose a shade of lipstick instead. Clear gloss won't accentuate your lips the way lipstick will, and choosing the right shade will not only define your pout at the altar, but in wedding photographs, too. While red and other dark shades of lipstick are typically considered to be reserved for more formal occasions, we think all shades of lipstick are fine for daytime brides -- just make sure the color you choose complements your skin tone.


5: Applying False Lashes

If you want to pump up your lashes for your daytime wedding, reach for volumizing mascara -- and save the false eyelashes for your bachelorette party. Some may argue that false lashes are acceptable attire for any time of day, but we think that these dramatic beauty accessories should be worn with nighttime attire. Are you determined to wear thick, synthetic lashes on the big day? Consider eyelash extensions instead; they're more subtle and still give you thick, natural-looking lashes that will last long after your wedding day is over.


4: Buying the Wrong Bronzer

Make sure your bronzer compliments your skin tone.

Many brides want to achieve a natural, golden glow before their wedding day -- but this is often easier said than done. Choosing the right bronzer that matches your skin tone can be tricky, so consult a beauty professional for help. When the big day arrives, apply bronzer foundation over the face very lightly with a makeup brush. Beauty experts suggest adding a darker bronzer along your jaw line, across cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. Finally, fill brows with a light application of shimmery shadow, and add a small dab of gold to the inside corners of the eyes to make them pop.


3: Forgetting Blotting Tissues

Blotting tissues are a must-have for daytime brides -- especially those getting married during the hottest months of the year. These small tissues will absorb oil, stop your makeup from running and keep you looking fresh all afternoon. Many brands sell blotting tissues that are individually wrapped, making them small enough to slip into your bridal clutch for quick and easy use throughout the day.


2: Skipping the Moisturizer

Don't underestimate the importance of using a moisturizer in your daily skin care regimen. It's often the deciding factor in whether or not you have clear or irritated skin. Applying moisturizer is vital in keeping every kind of skin type healthy, and if your skin is sensitive, it can ease redness and irritation. To ensure your skin is clear on your wedding day, use a moisturizing cream immediately after washing your face with cleanser. Even if you use a topical acne medication, locking moisture into your skin is essential in achieving a face that's healthy and blemish-free, so apply moisturizing cream after acne treatment.


1: Leaving the SPF at Home

Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays is something every bride should do, especially those spending a lot of time outdoors on the big day. Many cosmetic companies include SPF in the formula of their products, so there's no need to coat your face in greasy sunscreen. Take a good look at the label of your foundation and concealer -- if zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are present, it's likely that these cosmetics will lend you a little protection from the sun. Choose cosmetics labeled SPF 30 or higher to ensure the only pinkish tint that flushes your cheeks on your wedding day is simply the glow of a happy bride.

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