So you took the leap. Find out everything you should -- and, maybe shouldn't -- know about your children and get a few parenting tips.

Headed back into the workforce? Help your kids adjust with these five tips.

Whether your days are full of office politics or playgroups, we all need ways to de-stress.

One year it's Brittney and Justin, next year it's Ashley and Ethan. Then all of a sudden we're back to Dick and Jane. Can you guess the 10 most popular baby names of all time? Is yours on the list?

Choosing a name is one of the first major decisions a parent can make for a baby. Certain names are so beloved that they repeatedly land near the top of baby name lists. Check out this list of 10 of the most popular and timeless baby boy names.

Today's celebs are steering clear of names like Sally, Dick and Jane, and are instead choosing more bizarre names for their offspring. What are some of the, shall we say, most unique? Put it this way -- we had a hard time pairing down the list.

Choosing a name for your daughter will be one of the most important things you can do. If you want to take some pressure off, go with one of the most popular.

Remember the thrill of getting a valentine from a secret admirer in middle or high school? Well, the shoe's on the other foot now. Here are our tips for parents on handling lovelorn teens.

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to the community and help others less fortunate than you. Learn about some of the best ways to make volunteering a family affair, from tiny tykes on up, by reading this article.

Tired of the same old beach and theme park vacations? Perhaps it's time to change things up with a more civic-minded trip!

Parents want to instill character and compassion in their children, but how can they teach kids such values when they're so busy themselves? Here are 10 simple volunteer acts that will help make them better people.

You've brushed and flossed a certain way your whole life and then, bam, the old ways don't work. How do you care for what might as well be a totally different set of teeth?

Adolescence isn't really about taking the long view: At 14, it might seem as though your pearly whites will stay that way forever. So, how can parents get their teens to take oral hygiene seriously?

Here something to chew on: A habit your teen has right now could end up costing his or her health, teeth or even life.

Having misaligned teeth certainly doesn't help a teen's delicate self-image, yet it's important for teenagers to know how to care for their teeth while they're still developing.

It's natural to want a whiter, brighter smile, but how young is too young for whitening treatments?

Kids love sports drinks -- and any other sugary food or beverage. But despite the hydrating benefits to the physically active, are they bad for your teen's teeth?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is an inevitable rite of passage for teens and young adults, right? Not necessarily. We'll explore the dental debate in this article.

The pressures of teen life are familiar to all of us, but their effects aren't always visible to the casual observer. How can stress take its toll on a teen's teeth?

What's better than looking at pictures of A-list stars? Perusing photos of pregnant A-list stars! Explore our album to view pictures of the biggest pregnant celebs.

Which pregnant celebrities receive the most press? Follow the stars as we gauge the entertainment wattage that will spark a photographers' feeding frenzy.

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