Seasonal Crafts

These seasonal crafts are organized by season and special occasion, so you can quickly find a seasonal craft at any time of year.


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Stormy Weather Activities

Stormy weather activities are perfect for kids who are curious to learn about the weather. Find out more about stormy weather activities for kids.

Pebble Games and Activities for Kids

Pebble games and activities for kids don't require many supplies. All you need are the right rocks! Learn more about pebble games and activities for kids.

Summer Holiday Activities

Summer holiday activities for kids are fun and keep kids busy all summer. Learn more about summer holiday activities -- crafts, games, and much more.

Summertime Decorations

These wonderful summertime decorations are a perfect way of celebrating the long days and warm weather. Learn to make summertime decorations for kids.

Fun Physics Activities for Kids

Fun Physics Activities for Kids teach physics basics to future Einsteins using ordinary playground equipment. Learn fun physics activities for kids.

Garden Hose Activities

When summer hits, these garden hose activities are a kid's best friend. Have fun and stay cool with an old hose and these garden hose activities for kids.

Sunshine Activities

These sunshine activities for kids are fun, educational, and easy to do. Learn more about sunshine activities for kids like how to make solar prints, a homemade thermometer, and even sun tea!

Activities with Rocks and Stones

Rock and stone activities will have kids moving all summer long. Learn more about rockin' activities with rocks and stones for kids.

Weather Activities for Kids

Weather activities for kids are a great and inexpensive way for children to learn more about nature. Learn more about fun weather activities for kids.

Wading Pool Activities for Kids

Wading pool activities for kids are the perfect way to keep kids excited and safe around shallow water. Learn more about wading pool activities for kids in this article.

Weather Experiments for Kids

Weather experiments for kids teach children about wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and more. Learn about weather experiments for kids on HowStuffWorks.

Summer Water Activities for Kids

These summer water activities for kids are fun to do, and they'll keep kids busy and cool for hours. Learn more about summer water activities for kids.

Backyard Activities for Kids

Backyard Activities for Kids are a great way to have summer fun close to home while you teach your kids about nature. Learn these backyard activities.

Backyard Games for Kids

Backyard Games for Kids allow kids to exercise, learn, and develop skills in their very own backyard. Spend summer days outdoors with your kids.

Spring Holiday Crafts for Kids

Spring holiday crafts for kids are a great way to usher in the season. The activities in this article can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Check out the fun food crafts we have gathered for you here.

Bug-Watching Activities

Bug Watching Activities for Kids are a great way for your kids to learn about nature. Find summer activities that will get kids outdoors and learning.

Camping Activities for Kids

Camping Activities for Kids get the whole family involved in your camping adventure. Learn how to start fires safely, make a tepee, and much more.

Water Fun Activities for Kids

Water fun activities for kids keep little ones cool and busy on summer days. Check out games like the hose blaster or host an ice melt-off at your next summer picnic. Discover more summer games in this article.

Hopscotch Games

Try to keep your balance with these hopscotch games. Included are the traditional hopping game and several variations. Find out about hopscotch games.

Lake Activities for Kids

Lake activities for kids are sure to keep a beach vacation lively. Find out how to do various lake activities for kids.

Miniature Boat Crafts and Activities

Miniature boat projects will have kids' imaginations setting sail all summer. Find out how to make miniature boat crafts and activities for kids.

Neighborhood Activities for Kids

Summer is the perfect time for kids to get outdoors, be active, and meet friendly neighbors. Get details on fun neighborhood activities that kids will enjoy all summer long.

Card Craft for Kids

The Cards of Wonder card craft for kids lets an author know how much you liked a book. Learn to make the Cards of Wonder card craft for kids.

Beach Games for Kids

These beach games for kids are a perfect complement to a day in the surf and sand. Read more about beach games for kids in this article.

Beach Crafts for Kids

Beach crafts for kids are fresh ways to have fun by the salty sea. Make a set of seashell wind chimes or sculpt some sandy clay into a keepsake.