Beach Activities for Kids

Go tide pooling and become a beach scientist. See more pictures of beaches.

Laying out in the sun isn't the only thing to do on a beach vacation. You can create a work of art, perform a science experiment, or investigate the many creatures that we share our shores with.

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These beach activities are so much fun, you may never have time to get a lie around the beach again!

Follow the links below to learn about fun beach activities:

Down by the Sea Sculpture

Create a lasting memory with a sculptural tribute to your beach vacation.

What is Sand?

Investigate the properties of sand -- there's more to it than meets the eye.

Building Sand Castles

Your sandcastles will be bigger and better with these simple tips. Learn more here.

Tide Pooling

Explore the border zone between ocean and land -- and meet its strange and fascinating residents.

Beach Map Making

Map out the diversity of life you find on the beach with this science activity.

Whale Watching

Here are some tips sure to make whale watching a blast. Find out more here.

Saltwater-Freshwater Experiment

Learn about seawater and freshwater's interesting properties with this experiment.

Keep reading to learn about an art project you can do right on the beach.

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