Snow Crafts

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One of the best things about winter is getting to play in the snow, and there are tons of children-friendly activities that kids can do in the powder -- sledding, snowball fights, track-making and snow castle-building are just a few of these outdoor activities. There are also tons of snow crafts for kids such as building snowmen and making snow angels.

Kids can also enjoy the snow from indoors by watching it fall out the window, creating winter scenes, or just being cozy in the house while it's blustering outside.


Parents can enrich their children's experience of the snow by expanding the range of snow craft projects they do with their kids. There's no need to keep the snow people outdoors -- we have several ways to make indoor versions. And why just build a snow person? How about a snow snake? Kids love ice formations -- why not make some of your own, with decorations embedded in them?

Follow the instructions below for creative and unique snow craft projects that keep your kids busy all winter:

Snowscape Stomp

Keep warm and brighten up your yard with the exhilerating Snowscape Stomp.

Snow Snakes

No need to lift heavy snow balls with this project -- you can make a snow snake a long as you want!

Rainbow in the Snow

Rainbows aren't just for rainy days. Make a pretty rainbow in the snow in your own backyard this winter.

Indoor Snow Person

Not all snow crafts have to be done outside. Make an Indoor Snow Person for a change of pace.

Glitter Globe

Make your own snow globe with this fun, wintery craft project.

Packing Peanuts Snowperson

This snowperson will last way beyond the winter season and can withstand warm sunlight with ease.

Ice Hangings

Kids and adults will enjoy this pretty snow craft project that will make a sparkly decoration for your yard.

Snow Painting

Here's another fun, colorful snow craft your kids will love to do on a wintery day.

Warm Fuzzy Snow

Make a snow scene just the way you'd like it -- without getting cold!

Arctic Snow Goggles

Your kids can pretend they're trekking through the Arctic on a mission to the North Pole with these cool goggles.

Snowstorm Art

Enjoy your next blizzard -- by making it yourself with this snow craft project!

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