Outdoor Games for Kids

Forget the video games and TV shows -- when the weather is good, it's time to get out and move with these outdoor games for kids. You'll combine exercise with fun, and maybe even improve some skills for competitive sports.

These games are great outdoor activities because they don't require supervision, expensive equipment or regulation playing fields. Kids can gather a few items from around the house, and they're set for hours of fun.

Follow the links below to learn more about these outdoor games for kids:

Pine Cone Pitch

Use pine cones to see how accurately you can toss.

In and Out Game

Set up cones or bags, and learn to make fast turns while you're running.

Color Finders Race

Be the first to find the most colors in this sidewalk game.

Swing the Statues

Hold your pose, and you'll be a winner in simple, active game.

Look on the next page for a way to improve your throwing skill while you pick up pine cones.

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