Garden Activities for Kids

Show kids how to grow a cucumber in a bottle.
Show kids how to grow a cucumber in a bottle.
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Garden activities for kids unlock the magic of growing plants, provide keys to the mysteries of living things, and open the world of beautiful flowers. By sowing seeds or planting gardens, you and your kids can share the wonder of an ever-changing leafy world.

By decorating flowerpots and putting plants in them, you can create living gifts for special friends and family members. By making a flower press, you can preserve memories of a gorgeous garden. And by conducting some fun and simple botany experiments, you can be in the know about how plants grow.


Garden activities are great for kids because they don't require expensive materials, and kids of all ages can enjoy working together on a project outdoors. A few simple tools or supplies, seeds or plants, and a junior gardening crew are all you need to have fun all season long.

Follow the links below to learn about garden activities you can do with your kids.

Secret Seed Garden

Find out what will grow from the secret seeds in different soil.

Fancy Painted Flowerpots

Paint a beautiful pot and add a plant for a special gift.

Rainbow Flowerpot

Wind a rainbow around a pot for a spectrum of colors.

Flower Press

Preserve your memories with pressed flowers from your garden.

Miniature Garden

Give the fairies a home with a Victorian-style miniature garden.

Day and Night Flip Stones

Show the equality of night and day -- and play a toss game with flip stones.

Plant Power Experiment

Discover the surprising strength of plants with this experiment.

Sunflower Fort

Plant a living, sunflower-topped fort where kids can play.

Fruit Seed Garden

Recycle seeds from the fruit you eat to start a garden.

Cucumber in a Bottle

Learn the trick of growing a cucumber in a bottle.

Sunny Flower Garden

Enjoy color all season long with a garden of sun-loving flowers.

Secret seeds are hiding in soil everywhere. Go to the next page to find out how to unlock their secrets.

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