How to Make Candy Houses

Winter crafts, like making candy houses, can be a fun activity. Whether it's using leftover Halloween candy or graham crackers, there are plenty of ways to decorate and build your own candy houses.

Check out the following pages to learn how to make your own candy houses or even a mold to make your own holiday-shaped candy. These winter crafts are fun and simple to do.


Graham Cracker Cabin

Make a winter craft out of graham crackers.

Sky-High Sweets

Create a town using leftover Halloween candy.

Candy Molds

Shape candy by making these easy molds.

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Make your own candy cabin.
Make your own candy cabin.

Spending a cold day making a Graham Cracker Cabin is a fun winter craft activity for kids and parents alike. Follow the steps below to make your own Graham Cracker Cabin.

How to Make the Graham Cracker Cabin

Don't huff and puff to blow the house down -- just eat it!

What You'll Need:

White frosting

Small bowls

Food coloring

Heavy-duty paper plate

Graham crackers

Waxed paper

Assorted candies (to decorate the cabin)

Put a bit of frosting in the small bowls and mix in some food coloring. Spread a base of frosting on a plate. It can be green grass or white snow.

Lay 6 graham crackers flat on a piece of waxed paper. Use frosting to "paint" windows and doors on the graham crackers. Stand the graham crackers up in the frosting base to make the cabin shape.

"Glue" the sides together with frosting. To make the roof, gently position more crackers on top of the cabin. "Glue" them in place with frosting. Decorate the cabin with assorted candies.

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Create a house from leftover candy.
Create a house from leftover candy.

Have you ever dreamed of a world made of candy? Here is your chance to create sky-high sweets! Use leftover Halloween candy to make a house or town for a fun winter craft.

How to Make Sky-High Sweets

What You'll Need:

Leftover candy



Butter knife

Graham crackers

After all the good stuff is gone, the rest of that Halloween candy ends up being thrown away. Well, find that old bag of Halloween candy, and open up a container of frosting.

Remove all the wrappers from the candy. Spread some frosting on a piece of cardboard so the candy will stick to it.

Create buildings, towers, and sculptures with your candy, using the frosting as glue and the cardboard as a base. See who can build the highest, the most creative, or the prettiest creations.

For even more fun, break out a box of graham crackers, and build houses, again using the frosting as glue. Use the candy to decorate the buildings. Every family member can contribute a building to your sweet city!

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Now you can be your own candy maker with this winter craft activity. Use candy molds to create chocolate treats for your friends and family.

What You'll Need:

Aluminum foil


Blunt scissors

Chocolate chips

Measuring spoon

How to Make Candy Molds

Cut several 4-inch squares from aluminum foil. Fold up the edges to make a "dish" to hold the melted chocolate. Press your finger inside the dish and fold the foil around it.

Form the foil in holiday shapes such as Christmas trees, pumpkins, and hearts. For each foil mold, you will need 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips. Have an adult melt the chocolate in the microwave until it's smooth and creamy.

Carefully pour the melted chocolate into the molds. Let the chocolate cool for 2 or 3 hours. (If you want to speed up the cooling process, put the candy molds in the refrigerator.)

Once the chocolate has hardened, peel the foil off the candy shape.

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