Winter Stories

Read a winter story to your kids.
Read a winter story to your kids.

There’s nothing better than a mug filled with marshmallows and steaming hot chocolate, a warm quilt, and a short winter story on a cold, snowy night. Our collection of winter stories will tap into your child’s imagination and teach them about all of the amazing things that can happen in a winter wonderland.

In the pages below, you will find a fun collection of winter stories that both kids and adults will enjoy. Here’s a preview:

  • Snowy FootprintsWhere on earth do all the little footprints lead? Read this rhyming short story to find out where animal footprints may lead in a snow-covered forest.
  • Grandma's Hot ChocolateEvery child loves hot chocolate, but nothing compares to grandma’s hot chocolate. This heartwarming story reveals a special ingredient that makes Grandma's Hot Chocolate so special.
  • Mrs. Pearl's Favorite Winter Hiding SpotsEach year, poor Mrs. Pearl the squirrel misplaces her much-needed seeds. Will Mr. Owl come to her rescue? Will Mr. Snail? Find out in this comical tale about Mrs. Pearl and her favorite winter hiding spots.
  • Teddy, It's Too Soon!What’s worse than a restless child that won’t sleep? A restless teddy bear that won’t sleep! Teddy the bear can’t sleep -- all he wants to do is play. What can the bear family do to help Teddy fall asleep? Read this story aloud to your child to find out if Teddy will ever settle down for the night.
  • Claudia Has a ColdClaudia is convinced that her little bunny Buttons is the one with the cold -- not her. Too bad mom and dad disagree, so little Claudia and her bunny Buttons are stuck in their pajamas until they are well. Read the next story to find out how Claudia cares for Buttons, and how mom and dad take care of them both!
  • How to Build a Snowman with Your SisterBuilding a snowman is one thing, but for one young boy, building a snowman with his little sister is something entirely different. Read this delightful story about a young boy who teaches his sister to build the perfect snowman -- and the problems he encounters along the way.
  • Will George the Groundhog See His Shadow?How soon winter will end for George and his furry friends? In this story, George the Groundhog is so afraid that he won’t see his shadow, he almost ends up spending the day in bed! Read this funny winter story to find what happens to George and his shadow.
  • A Great Day for SleddingRemember the days when every winter day was a great day for sledding? This story will take you back. Read this story with your children to learn how Petie and Percy Penguin conquered a few fears, and a big snowy hill on a fun-filled winter day.
  • Snowy SurpriseJesse Rabbit was so small that he thought he couldn’t do all the things the bigger rabbits and bears could do. Little did he know that there were quite a few things he could do that the bigger animals could not. In this winter story, find out how Jesse’s patience and size lead to an amazing discovery. Hurry -- a Snowy Surprise awaits!

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