Winter Stories

Read a winter story to your kids.

There’s nothing better than a mug filled with marshmallows and steaming hot chocolate, a warm quilt, and a short winter story on a cold, snowy night. Our collection of winter stories will tap into your child’s imagination and teach them about all of the amazing things that can happen in a winter wonderland.

In the pages below, you will find a fun collection of winter stories that both kids and adults will enjoy. Here’s a preview:


  • Snowy FootprintsWhere on earth do all the little footprints lead? Read this rhyming short story to find out where animal footprints may lead in a snow-covered forest.
  • Grandma's Hot ChocolateEvery child loves hot chocolate, but nothing compares to grandma’s hot chocolate. This heartwarming story reveals a special ingredient that makes Grandma's Hot Chocolate so special.
  • Mrs. Pearl's Favorite Winter Hiding SpotsEach year, poor Mrs. Pearl the squirrel misplaces her much-needed seeds. Will Mr. Owl come to her rescue? Will Mr. Snail? Find out in this comical tale about Mrs. Pearl and her favorite winter hiding spots.
  • Teddy, It's Too Soon!What’s worse than a restless child that won’t sleep? A restless teddy bear that won’t sleep! Teddy the bear can’t sleep -- all he wants to do is play. What can the bear family do to help Teddy fall asleep? Read this story aloud to your child to find out if Teddy will ever settle down for the night.
  • Claudia Has a ColdClaudia is convinced that her little bunny Buttons is the one with the cold -- not her. Too bad mom and dad disagree, so little Claudia and her bunny Buttons are stuck in their pajamas until they are well. Read the next story to find out how Claudia cares for Buttons, and how mom and dad take care of them both!
  • How to Build a Snowman with Your SisterBuilding a snowman is one thing, but for one young boy, building a snowman with his little sister is something entirely different. Read this delightful story about a young boy who teaches his sister to build the perfect snowman -- and the problems he encounters along the way.
  • Will George the Groundhog See His Shadow?How soon winter will end for George and his furry friends? In this story, George the Groundhog is so afraid that he won’t see his shadow, he almost ends up spending the day in bed! Read this funny winter story to find what happens to George and his shadow.
  • A Great Day for SleddingRemember the days when every winter day was a great day for sledding? This story will take you back. Read this story with your children to learn how Petie and Percy Penguin conquered a few fears, and a big snowy hill on a fun-filled winter day.
  • Snowy SurpriseJesse Rabbit was so small that he thought he couldn’t do all the things the bigger rabbits and bears could do. Little did he know that there were quite a few things he could do that the bigger animals could not. In this winter story, find out how Jesse’s patience and size lead to an amazing discovery. Hurry -- a Snowy Surprise awaits!
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Snowy Footprints

Brown bears slip into a deep sleep during the cold winter months.

Whose footprints are those gleaming there in the snow? If we were to follow them, where would they go?

The first set would lead to the brown bear cub's den, where the bear family sleeps till it’s springtime again.


The second set leads to a deep rabbit hole, where bunnies stay warm as they snack with a mole.

And those deer prints lead to the brush in the wood, where fawns cuddle close to their moms, as they should.

A fawn snuggles with its mom to stay warm in the frigid snow.

The forest, though wrapped in a blanket of snow, is still home to all of the creatures we know!

Gather around the fire to enjoy a warm glass of cocoa. Read a heartwarming story about Grandma's Hot Chocolate in the next section.

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Grandma's Hot Chocolate

Grandma uses a secret ingredient that makes her hot chocolate super special!

Her kitchen is toasty and she has set out three mugs, filled with creamy, warm chocolate, as warm as her hugs!

It is rarely too hot and never too cold. But what makes it best -- or so I am told --


Is that besides the chocolate, and the marshmallow or two, she makes it with love and especially for you!

Poor Mrs. Pearl the squirrel misplaced her much-needed seeds. Will Mr. Owl come to her rescue? Will Mr. Snail? Find out in the next story -- Mrs. Pearl’s Favorite Hiding Spots.

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Mrs. Pearl's Favorite Winter Hiding Spots

Mrs. Pearl the squirrel forgets where she hides her precious seeds around the same time each year.

In all the forest, there is no other squirrel, with as many hiding spots as sweet Mrs. Pearl.

Each year she searches, first near and then far, but always forgets where the hiding spots are.


"Mr. Owl, I wonder, do you have any leads? I think I've misplaced my much-needed seeds."

"Oh yes," said the owl, "I do have a hunch. "I'll bet Mr. Rabbit is eating your lunch!"

"Excuse me, Sir Rabbit, perhaps you may know … have you seen my seeds in all of this snow?"

Mr. Rabbit said, with a fluff of his tail, "I think that perhaps you should ask Mr. Snail."

"Hello, Mr. Snail, while outside your shell, have you perhaps noticed where my acorns fell?"

"Well that's a funny question!" he said with a howl. "Of course, you should check with wise Mr. Owl."

So no one could help dear, sweet Mrs. Pearl, who had more hiding spots than any other squirrel.

Mrs. Pearl still isn't sure just what she will do. You haven't seen her food, have you?

Teddy the bear can’t sleep, all he wants to do is play. What can the bear family do to help Teddy fall asleep? Read the next story -- Teddy, It’s Too Soon! -- to see if Teddy will ever settle down for the night.

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Teddy, It's Too Soon!

Instead of sleeping, Little Teddy Bear just wanted to run, jump, and play.

All was quiet at the Bear family house. Hnnnk, shhhs, hnnnk, shhhs. They were asleep for winter, snoring and dreaming in their beds as fluffy snow fell outside.

Little Teddy Bear stirred beneath his covers. He didn't want to sleep anymore. He wanted to play. "Wake up, Olivia," he said to his sister, tugging on her polka-dot pajamas. "Let's play together!"


Olivia yawned. "Teddy, it's too soon!" said Olivia, scratching her head. But Teddy couldn't sleep. And Olivia's messy hair looked so silly, he started to giggle.

"Try telling yourself a story," said Olivia, patting down the curls that were sticking out. "When I think about ballerinas, I have nice dreams." Teddy wanted to play, not dream. Maybe Mama would help. "Mama," whispered Teddy, "are you awake?"

Mama Bear jumped out of bed with a start. "Who? What? Why?" "I can't sleep, Mama," said Teddy. "Teddy, it's too soon to wake up!" Mama said. "I'll make some warm milk to help you fall asleep."

Mama Bear and Papa Bear did everything they could to help Little Teddy Bear fall asleep.

Teddy didn't want warm milk. And he didn't want to think about ballerinas, either. Just then, Papa Bear woke up. Hnnnk, snort! "What's all this noise?" he asked. Teddy told Papa he was wide awake.

"Maybe we can help you fall back to sleep, Teddy," Papa said. "A softer pillow might do the trick."

"An extra blanket might make Teddy feel warm and sleepy," Mama said. "Or hugging Cubby," Olivia said, squeezing a furry stuffed bear cub. "That always makes me feel cozy!"

They talked on and on about ways to help. "What do you think, Teddy?" they finally asked, looking around the room. Hnnnk, shhhs, hnnnk, shhhs. Teddy was already upstairs tucked snugly in his bed … snoring and dreaming and fast asleep.

Little Claudia and her bunny Buttons are stuck in bed with colds. Read the next story to find out how Claudia cares for Buttons, and how mom and dad care for them both!

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Claudia Has a Cold

Buttons's aches and complaining kept Claudia awake all night.

"Buttons's sneezes and sniffles kept me up all night. And I still don't think that he's feeling just right.

Don't you see that it's Buttons who has the real cold?" said Claudia, who just turned three years old.



"Buttons shivered so much, he shook my whole bed. Then he started complaining about the ache in his head.

He pulled at my blankets, he squirmed and he rolled," explained Claudia, who just turned three years old.

"Buttons said he felt like pineapple jam and bread, and I tried to give him a few crackers instead.

But he said he likes jam that's the color of gold," whispered Claudia, who just turned three years old.



Mom found Claudia and Buttons's most favorite book.

"Now Buttons wants me to read him a book. He wants the special one and I told him I'd look.

He asked for some toys and his dolls to hold," said Claudia, who just turned three years old.


So Claudia's mother found the book they loved most, and Claudia's father brought gold jam and toast. They

arranged all their toys in the blankets and folds, and hugged Buttons and Claudia … who both have real colds!



Dad took care of finding gold jam and toast for Buttons


Now that Claudia and Buttons are comfy and warm, it's time for you to grab a coat, and continue to the next story to learn How to Build a Snowman with Your Sister.   

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How to Build a Snowman with Your Sister

How do you make a snowman? Well, this is what you should do: first you get your winter hat, and your little sister's, too!

Next, you make a small snowball and start rolling it around -- roll and roll to pick up snow, roll it straight across the ground.


When your first ball is ready, check that your sister's is okay, too. It's clear from the very beginning, she'll need some help from you.

Now you've rolled three snowballs. You sure do have the knack. You are finally ready to start, building your snowman stack.

The biggest on the bottom, then medium, then small. Your sister may need a hand, unless she's very tall.

And even though you made a list of all the things you'll need, it isn't your little sister's fault that she's too young to read.


You'll have to go inside the house and find things on your own. Then you will be almost done when you hear your mother groan.


Although you were very careful not to track in any snow, judging from the soggy floor, your sister didn't know.


Little sister really didn't know, that her rubber boots would track so much snow

Now you have to mop it up, a chore you don't love best, while your little sister asks, "When will the snowman be dressed?"


Now you're finally ready. You even found a belt. But your little sister is crying as the snowman starts to melt!


Little sister cried and cried when her precious creation began to melt.

Since you are her big brother you know just what to say. "Let's go inside and get warmed up, we've had a busy day.


You'll help me again real soon, 'cause we make quite a team!" And as she reaches for your hand our sister's eyes just gleam.


Big brother promises little sister that they will build another snowman someday soon.

Continue to the next story to find out how soon winter will end for George and his furry friends in: Will George the Groundhog See His Shadow?

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Will George the Groundhog See His Shadow?

George the groundhog awoke to the smell of mama cooking his favorite breakfast.


George! Get up! Why don't you go outside and check the weather?" called Mama Groundhog to her son. George snuggled down further under his warm green blanket. He did not want to wake up.



Then George's nose began to twitch. He stuck it out from under his warm green blanket. He smelled the savory scent of his favorite breakfast. Mama was making grubs in sweet grass just for him. George hopped out of bed and toddled into the kitchen.

George gobbled his breakfast of grubs in sweet grass. Mama Groundhog kissed George and said, "Go outside and play with your friends, George. Let Grandfather know if you see your shadow while you play."


"M-my sh-shadow?" George said, a little scared. "Don't worry," Mama Groundhog said with a chuckle. "It just means the sun is shining on you." George crept slowly out of his house. He was still a little scared he might see his shadow.


He thought seeing a shadow might be something like having a bad dream. George blinked in the bright sunshine. How could he possibly see his shadow? He couldn't see anything at all!

"George! George! George!" chattered Sammie Squirrel. "We are all waiting for you to see your shadow!"

"You are?" George asked. He was afraid that he wouldn't know how to see his shadow. "Hi, George!" said Solomon Skunk.


George the Groundhog had lots of fun playing with his shadow.

"Good morning, George!" called Roberta Rabbit. When George waved at his friends he saw a movement on the ground. It was his shadow! "I see it! I see it!" George said, smiling. The shadow did everything George did. It waved when he waved. It walked when he walked.


All of his friends had shadows, too. George laughed. George, his friends, and their shadows all scampered off to play. They had a few more weeks of winter to enjoy!

Remember the days when every winter day was a great day for sledding? The next story, A Great Day for Sledding, will take you back. Continue reading to find out how Petie and Percy Penguin conquered a big snowy hill on a fun-filled winter day.

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A Great Day for Sledding

Petie finally let go of his fear and had fun sledding down the big hill with his brother.

New snow! New snow!" Petie sang. "We have new snow today." Petie Penguin was so excited he could not sit still. He danced around the kitchen table. His brother, Percy, was excited, too. "Hurry, Percy! Let's go play in the new snow!" Petie cried.

Percy wrapped his scarf tightly around his neck. Then he helped his younger brother put his winter hat snugly on his head. "Are you ready, Petie?" asked Percy. Petie nodded. "I sure am, Percy!" "Then let's go!" said Percy. "This is a great day for sledding down the big hill!"


Petie and Percy Penguin began the long climb up the big hill, pulling their sled behind them. Up and up they went, much higher than Petie had ever been before. Petie began to worry. "Uh, maybe we should stop and build snow penguins," he suggested.

Percy smiled. "But it's such a great day for sledding, Petie!" "Well … how about making snow angels instead?" Petie said, flopping himself down in the snow. "Aw, come on, Petie! It's a great day for sledding!" Percy said.

Percy and Petie kept climbing up. "This sure is a big hill," Petie said with a gulp. A moment later Petie said, "Maybe it's too cold up here for sledding." Percy put his flipper around Petie's shoulders. "Don't be scared," Percy said. "We will ride down together."

Percy and Petie Penguin got to the top of the big hill. Petie got on the sled and squeezed his eyes shut. Percy got on and pushed off. Percy and Petie went flying down the big hill. Petie's eyes popped open. It was wonderful! So fast. So cold. So white. "It is a great day for sledding," Petie said with a laugh when they got to the bottom of the hill. And Percy replied, "It's a great day for having a brother, too!"

Continue to the final story in our Winter Stories collection to find out what lies beneath the melting snow -- and the unlikely subject that discovers it. A Snowy Surprise awaits!

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Snowy Surprise

For Jesse Rabbit, it was great fun watching the bigger bears tap the trees for sweet sap.

Be careful," said Walter Bear. "You're awfully small to carry such a big bucket." "No I'm not," said Jesse Rabbit. Jesse lifted one side of the heavy sap bucket. His cousin Emily lifted the other side.

They set out through the woods, carrying the bucket between them. Jesse tiptoed so he wouldn't spill the sap.  "Hurry up," said Emily. "You're walking too slow." "No I'm not," said Jesse. He tried to tiptoe faster.


Jesse Rabbit loved the end of winter, and he especially loved watching the older animals tap the maple trees to collect the syrup. They did this by drilling small holes in the trees, and then they put buckets underneath to catch the sweet sap.


"I wish I were older," thought Jesse. "Then I'd be tall enough to tap the trees, strong enough to carry a bucket by myself, and fast enough to keep up with Emily." Jesse found a sap bucket hanging high on the side of a maple tree.


He stood on his tiptoes, but his nose barely brushed the bottom of the bucket. He hopped as high as he could. Even then, his nose barely reached the top of the bucket.

Jesse sighed. "I'm not even big enough to check the sap," he said. He felt very discouraged. Jesse sat down beside the tree. The snow was almost melted, and the ground was soggy beneath his fur. But in the middle of the melted snow, Jesse saw something -- the bright bloom of spring's first flowers!

"Come quick!" Jesse yelled. "Come see what I found!" The other animals raced into the woods to see. "I must have walked right past those flowers," said Walter. "But I'm so tall, I didn't see them down there." "And I always hop so fast," said Emily. "I probably just zoomed right past the flowers!"

Jesse's patience and small size finally paid off. He found the first flowers of spring.

"But I'm small," said Jesse, "and I take my time. So I found the first flowers of spring!" Jesse and Emily carried the sap bucket to the clearing in the woods. The other animals were laughing and singing and dancing.

They were celebrating the sugaring off of the sap, which is when the sap is turned into delicious maple syrup. Everyone was eager for spring.

Jesse loved the sugaring-off party. He loved the warm fire under the pot of sap. He loved the sweet smell that drifted through the air as Louise Bear boiled the sap into thick syrup. He loved eating syrup-drenched pancakes, hot doughnuts, and crispy pickles. Best of all, he loved the candy they made by drizzling sweet syrup on snow!


The sugaring-off party was Jesse's favorite time of the year.


"I just wish I were older," said Jesse. "Then I'd be tall enough to reach Louise's big spoon. I'd be strong enough to stir the syrup. I'd be fast enough to flip the pancakes." Jesse frowned. There must be some way for him to help. "I know!" he said. "I'll check the other sap buckets. I'll see if they're full."

Jesse Rabbit set out through the woods.

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