Sun Activities for Kids

Make a batch of Sunshine Tea!
Make a batch of Sunshine Tea!

The heat of the sun provides lots of opportunities for fun in the summer. However, most summer pastimes don't focus specifically on the sun. For a change of pace, try out some sun activities that make use of our solar system's center.

You can make use of the sun's heat to make tea or even to cook. You can use the light of the sun to make different types of art. And you can experiment with the sun and its affect on your body and the world around you.

Follow the instructions below for easy yet interesting sun activities that your kids will enjoy:

Sunshine Tea

Make some delicious tea using one of our fun recipes -- great for a hot weather treat.

Hot Dog!

Cooking with the sun -- what could be more fun? Make your own sun oven and get ready for lunch.

Solar-Powered Pictures

Use sunlight to make a cool work of art. All you need is light-sensitive paper and a bright day.

Sun Portraits

Test Suntan Lotion

Be a scientist with this project and use the scientific way to determine which suntan lotion does the best job.

Don't Sweat It

Do an interesting experiment that will demonstrate the power of perspiration.

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