Teens and Tweens

Adolescence can be a tricky time, both for parents struggling to understand their children’s issues and for teens and tweens attempting to forge their new identities. Learn how to understand your teenagers in these articles.

Should your teen work?

Many teens enjoy the sense of independence and the positive financial implications of working. Learn if your teen should work in this article.

Braces! How to Keep a Healthy Smile Through the Wires

You've brushed and flossed a certain way your whole life and then, bam, the old ways don't work. How do you care for what might as well be a totally different set of teeth?

Too Cool to Brush? What to Do When Your Teen Doesn't Care About Oral Care

Adolescence isn't really about taking the long view: At 14, it might seem as though your pearly whites will stay that way forever. So, how can parents get their teens to take oral hygiene seriously?

Top 5 Oral Habits Your Teen Should Stop Doing Right Now

Here something to chew on: A habit your teen has right now could end up costing his or her health, teeth or even life.

When a Smile Isn't Perfect: Talking to Your Teens About How Teeth Develop

Having misaligned teeth certainly doesn't help a teen's delicate self-image, yet it's important for teenagers to know how to care for their teeth while they're still developing.

Is your teen too young for teeth whitening?

It's natural to want a whiter, brighter smile, but how young is too young for whitening treatments?

Are sports drinks bad for your teen's teeth?

Kids love sports drinks -- and any other sugary food or beverage. But despite the hydrating benefits to the physically active, are they bad for your teen's teeth?

Wisdom Teeth: When Should They Come Out?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is an inevitable rite of passage for teens and young adults, right? Not necessarily. We'll explore the dental debate in this article.

How does stress affect a teen's teeth?

The pressures of teen life are familiar to all of us, but their effects aren't always visible to the casual observer. How can stress take its toll on a teen's teeth?

Minors' rights can be divided into three basic categories: family/welfare issues, labor and personal expression. Learn about the timeline of teens' rights in the United States in this article.

Teens can be moody. Learn what to do if your teen slams the door in this article.