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Most home insurance covers buildings and contents -- that's your roof, walls, appliances and even personal possessions like electronics. But what about your heirloom emerald ring, or your grandfather's Picasso? How do you value and protect your most priceless possessions?

By Julia Layton

Like breaking up with someone or resigning from your job, requesting an heirloom is one of the most delicate conversations you'll ever have. How do you ask someone who's old, sick or dying for one of his or her belongings?

By Oisin Curran

If you've got antique family papers or photos, you don't want to just leave them lying around. What's the best way to put up (or put away) all those old documents without damaging them?

By Laurie L. Dove


In the age of digital photography, it's hard to think about caring for tangible photographs. Brittle old photos need to be stored properly if they're going to last, so make a commitment to preserving your family's photographic legacy. Here's how.

By Alia Hoyt

Heirloom furniture has been passed down to you from a relative, perhaps through several generations of your family. That chest or sofa or armoire is something valuable, whether it's measured in sentiment or money. How do you ensure it lives a long, happy life in your home?

By Shanna Freeman

Depending on the family, Mom's lace tablecloth, the one she used every Thanksgiving, is an heirloom to be lovingly treasured or fought over for years. How do you keep siblings from feuding over bequests?

By Jessika Toothman

You're ecstatic to discover that your late uncle bequeathed you the keys to his classic car. But you're a little less excited to find the rusting automobile propped up on cinderblocks. What do you do now?

By Chris Obenschain


In the days of underwater mortgages and funky home financing, inheriting a house can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. But if you have emotional ties to the house, or if more than one person inherits, what do you do?

By Emilie Sennebogen

If you've ever heard "Are we there yet?" for the 2,000th time on a road trip, or heard your toddler's blood-curdling scream right as the pilot dims the overhead lights, you know traveling with kids is hard. How can you keep them quiet?

By Julia Layton

Most kids want to look cool and grown-up, and what's more chic and mature than sipping on a latte? Coffee is becoming more and more popular with younger kids lately, but are some kids too young to get the jitters?

By Melissa Sandoval

Tweens aren't the only ones that have a hard time with the challenges of middle school. Parents often find the changes just as difficult. What can you do to make sure you and your child make it through unscathed?

By Laurie L. Dove


Having your child flip out on the beach, at the museum, or, horrors, on the airplane, can be absolutely mortifying. But no matter how bad it seems, the fit won't go on forever. How can you calm your child down as quickly as possible?

By Julia Layton

From geeks and nerds to hipsters and scenesters, navigating teen subcultures is no easy task. How can you tell which group your teen identifies with, and how should you handle it?

By John Kelly

During the tween years, your child is most likely going through a lot of tough changes. One day he loves being with you, the next he's embarrassed because of something you said. How can you stay connected with your tween while sparing him any embarrassment?

By Jill Jaracz

From sodas to chocolate milk, many kids have a drinking problem. Silent calories and surprising ingredients make them of them the equivalent of liquid dessert. What are the worst offenders?

By Laurie L. Dove


Lots of families take a weekend break with a trip out to the park or zoo. But with a little preparation, you can have a similar experience in your own backyard. Get ready for a wild trek through home territory.

By Sarah Dowdey

If you're a parent looking for a few ways to break up the monotony of a long road trip with the kids, then look no further. We have a few ways to keep your little back-seat occupants entertained.

By Akweli Parker

Children's development is often measured by milestones, like learning to walk or getting their first teeth. What are the recognized milestones, and how can you identify them in your child?

By Susan Sherwood, Ph.D.

Single parents face day-to-day issues and experience emotions that married couples may not be able to relate to. Do some groups and programs specifically address the needs of parents who don't have partners?

By Lawrence Schumacher


If you don't effectively manage your time, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out with all the obligations you have. What kinds of effects can this have on your health?

By Eileen Duncan

If your kids' activities and appointments have you and your family running around in circles, it may be time to get organized. What tools and techniques can help you get started?

By Elizabeth Whitmore

Does it feel selfish to spend time away from your kids? Well, it's not. When you spend time away from your children, it's actually good for the whole family. Why?

By Brian Boone

Teething is a normal, though often painful, stage all babies go through. How can you be sure that your baby's symptoms are a sign of teething, and what can you to do soothe his pain?

By Lance Looper


Most likely your toddler is plenty active. It's in his or her nature. But you can still plan activities that will challenge the brain and the body and aid in development.

By Gerlinda Grimes

There's a gap between what a child knows and what he or she has the potential to know. How can a teacher get them from one place to the next?

By Sarah Winkler